Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, trying to tie up loose ends...

1 month 19 days without a new cc purchase
personal account $1.50
studio account -$64.12

     Trying to tie up loose ends around here.  Got poster order in for Celtic show, set a lunch appointment with TV station for commercial spot.  Paid all but three bills for studio.  Was not able to put a lot of extra into CC debt but did pay my agreed amount plus any extra charges, so we are not going in the hole.  I still have $541.00 in outstanding tuition and that should cover the 2 small bills that are left and a good chunk of the other bill.  I guess an easier way to put it is that I have $1075.00 still owing in the studio not counting the accountants bill.  Which I have not received.  But as I have 541.00 in back tuition  I am only short $534.00 which is a whole lot better than I thought it would be.  We still have 9 days left of February and maybe by some miracle I will pull this off.

     Hubs does not drive this week so I will not have to buy any gas until next week.  I think we are okay for groceries except for soda. Segue (phone call just in: "Will you order 3 pairs of Jazz shoes for me for a show that opens next week?")  So put that on the list.  I started the tablecloths for mom's party yesterday.  I have all the pink set cut and I am pressing a few at a time and intermingling them with my alterations.

     I also lined up the photographer for a family pic on the 28th.  My brothers and sisters should all be at mom's by that time.  It is hard when we all come in from out of town.  We will do the picture on the front porch of the house we grew up in.  We have not had a picture of the 5 of us taken since Dad's 80th jubilee and I do beleive this will be the last before mom leaves us.

     Segue(phone call in:  Can I pick up my wedding dress at 2 today, sure!)  Now I have to get my butt into the shop and finish the bridesmaid hem but I smell money!

Got to order shoes:
      Out My Window:  I cannot find my red chicken, I hope she was not nabbed.  Hubby did some trimming and trimmed down 5  bridals wreath spirea that I have covering a fence.  It has taken me 8 years to get them where I want them and he hacked them down to below my knees.  I am short.  It will take several years to get them back.  I had specifically asked him not to touch them.  I know he did it on purpose.  Because he is a registered Forester he thinks he know all about trees, well he knows nothing about design and landscaping, so now I will have to wait to cover this fence line again.  I could just throttle him.

     Off to the salt mines.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Will you, please, please, post the family picture? I just love to see pictures with huge families gathered together. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

  2. Oh Hubby....don't mess with the landscaping! Danger Will Robinson!

  3. That is awesome that you haven't charged in almost 2 months!!! I'm proud of you!!!!