Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Thursday, Prom dresses, and Thrifty Thursday

 I am deep into prom and bridesmaid dresses, so far I have 5 done and two ripped ready for morning.  I hope to get at least 4 done tomorrow, as Friday I really need to attack a couple of wedding dresses. Leaving for DC on the 29th is not turning out to be such a great idea, as our local high school just announced that they are having their prom May 8th.  Which means I will be gone the 5 days before which would be a really busy monetary time for me.  But I am putting out the word to everyone that come in that I will be gone  and to get in early!!!!!

I am so behind on my April goals, but it is some what intentional as I do not have my taxes back and I do not know if we owe.  I don't want to make a goal that I will have to redact.  I do have another bill I want to pay off, but I will wait.

Last night I slept for twelve hours I was so tired, my first day back to a lot of sewing.  I am still grateful for the work load.

Thrifty Thursday

1. saved all my change while on vacation and added over $15.00 to my change bank.

2. added all 5 dollar bills to my 5 dollar bill savings. Now have $720.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20, dollar bill 1ast week and this week

4. Filled two more envelopes to my 100 envelope saving challenge 

5. found change three times, a penny at wal mart, 2 pennies at rite aid, and a nickle at Winco.

6. checked the price on patio umbrellas and found the one I wanted at Albertsons, exactly like the one I was going to buy at Home Depot, (even the same brand) for 1/2 price.  $88.00 at HD and $44.00 at Albertsons

7. cooked from scratch at daughters except one night when we got pizza as daughter taught dance and I had to go with her to fit costumes.

8. Cooked all meals from scratch here.

9. stocked up on pasta this past week at Albertsons, Had one deal that was .49 limit 4 and then one  for .25 limit 4.  We are stocked for summer pasta salads and for the year.

10. used coupons at Joanns

11. bought asparagus for .99 a lb, and artichokes for .99 also. We will eat these as much as we can in season.

12. Did not fill Easter baskets for my kids for the second year.  I am done with that.

We are going to dinner tonight at a friends house tonight, we have not been able to be with them since the virus started.  We have all had our shots.  ( feel like a dog having had my shots) I am making another key lime pie to take.  Tomorrow (Friday) we are taking out to dinner  an older couple (this cracks me up as I am older, but these guys are like 80's) for our 43 wedding anniversary which is on Sunday. We just found out that he is not well enough to leave the house now, so we are ordering dinner from their favorite restaurant and taking it up to their house. He contacted me via face book to say they are lonely and to stop by, so I thought who better to spend our anniversary with, than friends who love what we love, chicken pram and creme brule. Yum!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Haven't gotten taxes back yet? Wow, why is it taking so long?
    I am really surprised that proms are happening this year. I know kids want them - but it just seems kind of scary to me.
    You sure are a busy bee!!!!!!

    1. My accountant has never taken this long, but there are quite a few changes, to the system.

  2. Busy is good. Our high school announced prom is happening too. They announced it April 1 and prom is May 8. Doesn't give the kids very much time to get dresses, etc. So glad Rebecca isn't that old yet. Lol. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Not sure if my senior has ANY interest in prom, even if they were going to hold one. She was elected a homecoming queen last fall, and was mortified. She attended the festivities reluctantly, at best. I understand the need for kids to celebrate the life event, but, honestly, resent the "high stakes" attitude the school places on these events....boy has to find a unique way to invite girl, (which costs), girl has to have perfect dress, both have to have flowers, dinner,'s built up to be such a huge event--the pinnacle of their years in school, and it many cases, it's really an anti-climatic, financially burdensome chore. What's worse, our high school's prom is actually held in Seattle, a good 40 mile difficult drive away. Seriously, it's like asking for trouble.

    1. I think the money spent by some is over the top. I can't imagine allowing my daughter to drive 40 miles each way at night, in the dark on busy roads. I would be a nervous wreck. Plus some of these dresses I am altering are over $1000.00 it is nuts. The false nails and eyelashes and hair updo. Plus many kids are getting limos. Just too much.

  4. I've not done Easter baskets for a few years now. I was over it before it was over. LOL

  5. As a mom of three kids that chose not to do prom, I'd be no business to you! I understand the tiredness after not sewing-I'm feeling like that being back to regular work this week.

    1. I t is tiring after going for so long without steady work.

  6. So sweet of y’all to take food to the older couple on your anniversary!!