Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 Well I finally completed another chart, this has been slow going with my being gone and money flowing out of here like a siphon.  I am finally onto the 5th chart and it is only month 4 so hopefully this momentum will keep up for a while.

It was a busy day yesterday and I sewed hard but got less done than I would have liked, due to these dresses with horse hair braid taking so long to do.  But I will persevere. I did have a wedding dress go out yesterday.

Hubs is out turkey hunting (oh great) and he needed camo clothing.  I told him to go pull out his old military duds.  He has not worn them for over 25 years and he did not think they would fit, but with his 45 lb weight loss over the last year they slipped on fine and he was so proud of himself.

Doesn't he look handsome?  I was proud of him also as I know how much food means to him and losing and keeping off weight is very hard for him.

It is important that I cook for his diet which is low carb.  This can be spendy as he needs a protein and we all know that meat is the most expensive part of our grocery budget.  I have to be very savvy to keep the costs down. I am making oven baked chicken breast, artichokes and a salad for dinner tonight. I noticed we have plenty of veggies left for the week so I will only be buying 2 doz eggs at Albertsons this week and then checking for any meat sales.

When I was running errands I went buy St Vinnies and they had a truckload of breads delivered free to the public.  People were getting cart loads for animal feed, but I just took some hamburger and hotdog buns to freeze and a few loaves of bread.  Even though I know some of this will go to the land fill I did not want to take more as I am not poor and I would hate to think that someone who needed this did not get any.  Every second hand store in town got a delivery so there is plenty.

Note on the washer, a repairman will be here on Monday at 4, so I might be doing a load of wash at Lil sis's this weekend.  I am pretty sure it is the pump and I can fix that for less than buying a new washer.

My house needs a thorough  clean but that will not happen today as I am back in the shop.

Today's list:

1. finish horse hair braid dress. I have it ripped just have to put it back together.

2. replace jacket zipper

3. alter a wedding dress

4. hem a pair of jeans

5. patch two pairs of work pants (third day on list)

6. clean my shop it is a night mare

I am starting to catch up on prom dresses which is nice as I have another wedding dress that needs to be done before I leave. Also we need to get the garden soil ready and plan to do that this weekend and I am hoping the weather will co operate.

Missionaries just called and need some pants hemmed.  Great I have a few honey do jobs for them!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. What a handsome hubby!!!! Good for him on losing so much weight.

  2. He is handsome! I have used sewing for a few trades, all with women. I could have traded for heavier work from guys.

  3. Fantastic he can fit in his military clothes from 25 yrs ago!!!

    1. Yes hard to beleive, I knew he could but he was astounded.

  4. After 25 years, great healthy meals you're giving him. I don't think my toe would fit in pants from 25 years ago.

    1. Well I know I can't wear my clothes, like scary.

  5. Your husband looks wonderful and is a very handsome man !

    1. He is, I never really noticed it until he sang in a men's choir and I realized he was.

  6. You are an inspiration to me how driven you are to save money. Your husband does look handsome in the uniform. Hope he got a turkey.