Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday, Thrifty this week!

      I was able to get many piles done yesterday, and had my day lined up, but was snafued by an emergency state police job.  I am waiting for Hubs to get home so I can run to Joannes for a zipper.  State police received new uniforms and I have a pile to get done by tomorrow.

      On top of that I have curtains to hem for a client and a whole mess of curtains to remake for Lil sis's new house.  I tore apart her dining room curtains last night and washed them and I am remaking new valances for her new house.  These curtains match her dining chairs and we can know longer get the fabric.  I am also cutting up her old bedroom curtains which were purchased at Pier one.  They are too expensive to not use again.  You all know how I love curtains. NOT!

      The shop is a total mess and I really need to organize and clean after I do my sewing today. People need to pick up that would help some. What would really help is a good vacuum. But that means I would have to pickup the floor.

     I am also going to take a load to good will today.  Stuff I have tried to sell and no luck. I have some beautiful clothes that have had several inquiries, but I wear an 8-10 petite and that is a hard sell. I think I am huge.  This is a result of my dancing days, body image problems are for life I am afraid.

So what did I do to save money the last 7 days?

1. I saved all my 5 dollar bills added another 10.00

2. saved my change

3. ate legumes and beans for 3 meals last week

4. Kept weekly grocery to under 50.00 No good stock up items this week.  Most of the budget spent on fresh veggies.

5.Sold a pair of boots on face book market place for $100.00

6. Used a coupon  for a zipper at Joanns but made a profit back from client

7. found .13 moving little sister

8.Spent $700 getting both cars dents out.  If we had taken them to a body shop we would have had three $500 deductibles.   Plus our insurance would have gone up.  Hubs truck is 13 years old and pretty beat up but now has no dents, just scratches that we can buff.  My car however looks brand new and I had planned on just paying for this out of pocket and the bid I had was $1006.00 so we actually saved no mater how you look at this.

9. Cooked all meals from scratch and mostly from pantry, this is how I can keep my grocery bill so low.

What have you done this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




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  2. Good thrifty moves. Congrats on selling the boots. I don't have any luck trying to sell anything on our cities Garage sale sites. Pretty much given up and just donate everything now. Perhaps I should try once again.

    God bless.

    1. Well they were brand new so I think that added to the allure.

  3. Kim, have you tried selling clothes through Thred Up? You might make something and I don't think the shipping is too much.
    Love your blog!!!

    1. Thanks, and no, I really hate shipping anything, just too lazy.