Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tuesday, I am behind cause of Lil sis...

      I had started on a bridesmaid dress and had my shop work all lined up for the day and I receive a text from Lil sis.  She is overwhelmed and needs help.  So I finished up the dress and went over to her place and worked for about 4 hours.  I think we got everything ready for movers on Saturday.  There is really nothing else we can really do.  We have not touched the basement and that is going to be hell, but she will move into her new place before we actually get to her basement.  That is for another time.  Thank goodness.

      I was home about 5:30.  Hubs had to work at the high school until after nine. I got all the hand work done on another wedding dress last night. I will finish the hem after this post.  So now I am behind and I will really have to set my nose to a grind stone today.

     Hubs went hunting today which means he took his gun for a walk. Then he called me about 10:30 this morning and said his phone would not quit ringing and it made it hard to be quiet.   Told him to turn it off.  He can do that, I think?

     I have big pot of chili beans soaking as I am going to make chili after I finish a few things in the shop. Last night I went to look for burger in the freezer and found out that our freezer below the fridge in the house was not working.  The light would turn on and the ice maker worked but the food was defrosting.  In fact we lost some pops cycles and a gallon of ice cream.  Most of the meat was still partially frozen.  I figured it had been at least out for two days.  I could not believe that it was bad as it was only two years old.  So I pulled out the owners manual left to us by previous owners (bless them) and learned how to trouble shoot.  I do believe that little hands played with controls.  It was reset to be 40 degrees.  I do know that Schmills was caught messing with the ice water by his dad.  So I think he reset.  It is now working and freezing fine.We will have a discussion next time he comes.

     Isn't my life exciting?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.  





  1. Oh little explorers can create interesting aftermaths. I'm glad you figured out the issue on the freezer. ONce your sis moves, then you can calmly get the basement done, and then might your life be your own?

  2. The things can do! At least you caught it in time to save meat.

  3. Great job troubleshooting the freezer problem. Yep, little fingers can get into lots of things.

    God bless.

  4. Nice that you were able to find the cause of the thawing. Kids are born curious and the only way you learn to do or not do is by trying first. Ask me how I learned NOT to stick a fork in the toaster to remove stuck toast.

  5. I'm glad you caught the freezer before it defrosted more!

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  7. Oh no, I'm glad you caught the freezer in time to save the meat! I've lost freezers full of food before and it is no picnic for sure.

    1. I know. I was imagining living with just the fridge part working for a while, as I was not prepared to buy a new one.