Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday, Another chart bites the dust!

 Finished another chart this morning.  I have been out doing errands.  This will be a busy weekend with Lil sis closing tomorrow and us helping her move.  It is supposed to be 16 here on Saturday, we will have to bundle up.  But moving is hot heavy work, so if we have gloves and hats we will be fine.

I still have a few piles in the shop but no dresses or wedding dresses for the first time all year.  If I do run out of work I plan on working on Christmas gifts, I have plenty of fabric and can make things.

I am  starting a weekly thrifty Thursday blog post.  After all this is a financial blog.  I have been amiss with so much going on and things not being settled with the house finances yet. We are still waiting for the check to clear with our investment account.  I like Sam's thrifty Thursday posts( copying her) and also Sluggy's posts on Friday.

So here is the first of hopefully many:

1. I completed another savings chart and took over $600.00 to my bank.

2. added over $50.00 to my save 5.00 can that I started back up the middle of Sept.   It was on hold because of the house remodeling and the move.  But I am up to $205.00 so far!

3. found 2 pennies at Wal mart after a woman dropped them and left them.  Who does that?

4.Went to Wal mart ( I do not like shopping there) There is no sales tax on groceries in Washington where our local Walmart is.  They have sliced cheese for $1.85 a package compared to Winco which is $2.50 and then it is taxed.  I eat a lot of cheese and crackers for lunch and I like to have the slices to limit how much I eat.

5. I decided to shop at the Albertsons in Washington although I do not like the store as well as the one in my town but again no tax and let me tell you that 6 to 9 % adds up fast.  So if it is food stuffs I will buy in Washington. Today it was a free 1/2 gallon of icecream and free pasta sauce.  Normally make my own with home canned tomatoes but free is free. Also they had butter 1.99 limit 2 so that went into the freezer.  They had large heads of red and green leaf lettuce and celery for $1.00, and large bottles of diet coke .47 limit 4.  I paid less than $10.00 for all that.  In Idaho I would have added .60 for tax.  Every penny helps.

6. I still need to run to Winco which is the cheapest grocery store here for a few things.  The town is small enough that hitting all the stores costs very little gas.  Speaking of gas we drive 4 miles out to the Reservation where gas is .25 cents a gallon cheaper.

7. Sold a Jim Shore piece which was my mother's for $25.00

8. Made homemade chili and making split pea soup today which is super inexpensive  and we get many meals out of these.

9.Saved all odd coins for my pig bank which is sadly lacking this year.

10.  Only bought the loss leaders this week at grocer.

11. trying my hand at face book market place to sell of and de clutter so far not much luck, people just don't show, but I will persist.

What are you doing to save money?


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Hey Kim, thanks for the reference to my blog! I am amazed if I really sit and think about all the ways not working outside of the hosue is saving me money. I mean of course there is the gas savings, but also the decrease in frequency of oil changes and other wear and tear on my car. I didn't do it often, but saving $3-$5 on a few coffee meetings a month, or grabbing gas station coffee and a muffin when I fill up, no lunch meet-ups. It all adds up, like you said. $0.60 saved on $10 groceries, multiplied by all the $10 worth of groceries and you are feeding your piggy bank pretty well Congrats on completing another chart.

    1. It does my friend I never thought of these things years ago. but when I was so in debt and really wanted to get out I was shocked at how easy it was to just spend mney here and there and it added up so quickly.

  2. I have done several things, but here is one. We like pizza and Tommy is ready to buy one at the drop of the hat. But, they are $8.71, including tax. I found a pouch of pizza crust mix for $0.52. Can I beat that? No. The rest is free--sauce, cheese, hamburger or sausage. I am allergic to pepperoni and he hates mushrooms, so we can just have meat, sauce, and cheese. I think spending $0.52 cents for a pizza is better than $8.71! No, I am not mixing crust from scratch.

  3. I enjoy and look forward to all your posts Kim.
    Wonder what you will make for Christmas gifts, will you share ideas with us?
    Pam in Texas.

    1. Sure, I know I will make car quilts for everyone as I have most of the materials.

  4. A great list of wins! We are doing the basics (menu planning, line drying our clothes, selling things on eBay, reducing food waste) & generally just paying down our mortgage as much as possible.

    1. That is what we are going to start doing is paying down another mortgage. Yikes!

  5. I don't like the Walmart in my area of our metro. It's just filthy and badly managed. The food shelves are 5 shelves high and nobody my height can reach that stuff. Bags of ripped foodstuffs spill all over the shelves. Yes, it can be a bit cheaper but the chaos just stresses me. You would never see this in a spotless Target store. What is with the management at Walmart?


    1. Boy that surprises me but I have heard they can be really bad.

  6. Wow, you are doing very well with those savings charts!! I wish I could do as well.

    God bless.

  7. Well I am doing well spending also so that is an aggravation.

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