Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday, I'm done! Free day for Kim!

   The awful camo 

Wedding is done it is out the door.  Sissie told me I am not allowed to mention it again.  So I hope she does not have her readers on for this post.  To say I am relieved and happy is an understatement.  Was it worth it?  NO!  The stress of that kind of sewing is never worth my time.  It just put me behind on all sorts of things including other sewing in my shop, but that is a complaint for another day.:)

     Today I will sew nothing.  It is a day for me to catch up and do the things I want or need to do. I have not had my nails done since the day Sissie arrived here in August so that is on the list.  I have not been to lil Sis's since Tuesday night as we have had Kelsa and I have been so behind.  So I want to go over there tonight and tomorrow. I do need to do some banking and this house is a wreck. I am craving pumpkin pies so I might just whip up a couple.  It is my day.  I don't get many of those.  Or I should say I don't allow myself many of those.

     There are sewing scraps everywhere as they seem to gravitate out of the shop.  This house seems to get very dusty, but then I have only really dusted once since we moved here so maybe it is just my poor housekeeping skills.  

     I have several things to list on a second hand web site. I have been inspired by Hawaiian  Planner.  She seems to sell things regularly.  So I am going to give it a try.  Every little bit helps.  If I keep typing I won't have to clean my house........ I wish my Sissie were here she would tell me how and what to do first. Oh by the way the ironing is totally out of control AGAIN. Heavy sigh.  But right now just having the time to clean my house is giving me great joy.  I am certifiable, I know.  There are no meds for my kind of problem.  I am so happy to have that stinking wedding out of my house that cleaning house seems like a treat.  And, And,And,And, I feel a list coming on..... Remember a few weeks ago a list would have sent me into a tail spin.  I think I am in recovery. For what I am not sure?

I am going to try top down cleaning the whole house rather than going from room to room and doing one room at a time.

1. dust all ceiling fans 4 of them

2. Dust all window blinds 8 of them    

3. Dust all high surfaces and shelves

4. Dust all furniture, 3 rooms have darker wood

5. scrub toilets and tubs 2 each

6. mop bathroom floors 2

7. clean off dining room table

8. straighten front room  

9. clean shop  THIS WILL BE A JOB

10. Move all furniture and sweep/vacuum  and mop floors

11. wipe down cupboards and appliances in kitchen.

12. go to Native American store

13. go to bank

14. go to post office

15. go get nails done 

16. list things on second hand site

17. make some pies 

18. clean all mirrors 8 of them

I wonder how long it will take me to get the cleaning done?  Will I get the cleaning done?  It is a little after 1 in the afternoon.  I think I will set my timer for 15 minutes and see just how much I can get done in that amount of time.

On you mark get set go!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.





  1. I am so happy the job that will not be mentioned is over and done.
    Who cares if you got everything on the list done or not. At least you are free from all things camo.
    I am very curious about the Native American store, since there is not one (to my knowledge) in Alabama.

    1. I know I have had two days of doing just what I wanted. Not that I did not work, but work I wanted!

  2. good to have that wedding done with, it was interesting!! you are blazing through your to do list - I'm plodding away slowly at mine lol!

  3. Thats wonderful that "that wedding job" is all done & dusted Kim. I hope you remember to find some time to just catch your breath in between all your cleaning my friend.

  4. And you didn't put call your dear sick Sluggy on your list. Humph! But I love you anyway

    1. I talked to Kay and she said that you were pretty miserable, so I was afraid to call and have you talk if you were resting or Heaven forbid actually sleeping!

  5. I prefer to clean one thing in the whole house. It is like I never have one clean room to show for my efforts, but I now have all the ceilings cleaned, or all light fixtures, all of one thing everywhere. Of course, here I am not doing that. I had a friend who started at the back of the house and brought everything forward. The living room was a foot deep in toys and clothes and laundry from beds. It was horrifying.

    1. I used to move everything toward the kitchen and clean that last and it was horrifying.

  6. Yay for a day of your own! And, I do love selling things - - the magic of decluttering & earning money. Two of my favorite things :-)

  7. So glad you have a free day! You deserve it! Enjoy!

  8. Woo Hoo, nothing better than a free day!!!