Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday, In the kitchen.

     Woke up with really stiff hands.  My medicine has been working really well so I cannot figure out why?  Then I realized that I had recovered that tractor seat and had used a heavy duty hand stapler.  In fact the owner had to come help me finish becasue my hands and arms gave out.  Stretching the fabric is hard work and this is why I do not do upholstery any more.  It really takes two.  We were both sweating by the time we were done. It looked great and he was happy.

     Mom and I did a little shopping yesterday and we were supposed to make cookies, but we just made the dough and we made applesauce instead and 4 pies.  2 apples, one pumpkin and one banana cream.  Why?  Because she wanted to!  We are still watching the new Roosevelt series by Ken Burns, it is very good.  One more episode left tonight.  I ate way too much pie last night and was miserable.  I have been really watching my weight and only have 5 lbs to get to where I was before steroids two years ago, but last night was wonderfully miserable.

     So today we are going to finish the applesauce and make cookies, I am sure we will get into other trouble.  Hub's is going to take us out to dinner.  At least I am not cooking.

     I have laundry and ironing and my shop needs to be cleaned.  I will hope to work those things in sometime during the day!

     Hubs needs to clean the chicken coop!

Have a great and productive day!


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