Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, Schedule?

     I really need to set a schedule for myself as summer was a little lazy.  So I am now trained to be a little lazy.  Just kind of dragging my feet about it is all. Things just run smoother with a schedule and I need smoother.  Two businesses and this house and yard make for a lot of work.  I would also like to leave some kind of dinner for hub's at least to start.  So I have to get organized. Blah!  Sissie?  I need your help?  Sissie is organized.  I feel waves of exhaustion running through my body, it happened right after I said the word organized.  I feel a nap coming on and I just got less than an hour ago, so I must fight off the sleep demons.

     We have a new boarder for a few months.  Younger brother of one of girls college friends.  He is in the nursing program here at the college and managed to get into a bad rooming situation.  His mother was having kittens, so we moved him in here.  Having had kittens many times I know how painful it is.  Anyway nice quite boy so far.  He only lived with his other mate 5 days so I can't imagine what went wrong.  He comes from a very nice family and I think he will be fine, we just have to adjust to another body in the house. We are also very close to the college, much closer than where he was living before.  No car just a mo-sped?  That was not going to go over well in the winter.  He can easily walk from here.

     So here are the things I must or should get done today.  Laundry, clean kitchen, run through house and straighten, make a deposit, order airline tickets to Florida, go to the bank, pay bills, ironing, yard work, sewing, teaching, what is for dinner?  Okay now do you see why I want to go back to bed?

     This blog post is not helping, it is just making me tired.  SPLAT!

Well I have so far, got dinner started in Judy, straightened the house, started the laundry, went to the bank to pay some bills, made a deposit, started ironing a few pieces, greeted a few clients.  I will keep moving.

Will report back tomorrow on progress, unless a bed grabs me first.

Have a great and productive day.




  1. Can you pay your bills online?

  2. Some, but I don't trust myself to have enough money to cover them. I am hoping eventually I will be able to do this. I do pay some on-line, but I want everything to come out automatically. That will be so nice.

  3. Reading your posts exhausts me with all you have to do each and every day.

    This post cracks me up!

  4. Well at least with a border you'll have to have dinner organized - hey, can he cook???