Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday, made it through the first week...

     Well I made it through the first week of the dance studio being open.  Now I did not do it well.  The house is a wreck, I am a wreck, but I will eventually get organized.  I will not go down to the studio tonight , but I do have Nutcracker auditions tomorrow morning and then I have to dress a bride tomorrow late.  Today I have one project in the shop and when that is done, I am cleaning this house, and working in the yard the rest of the day and I can hardly wait.

     The weather is perfect and beautiful.  I want to clean out a lot of flower boxes and just get all the garbage we have been saving (yard waste) into the truck and start weeding. The chicken coop needs to be cleaned.  I have been really lazy this week about cooking, shame on me.  I hope I can be a little more organized next week.

     I need to sit down and pay bills and figure out where I stand financially and I hope to be able to get everything caught up and then put a big old payment on the truck.  My goal is to pay it off this month, but I do not believe that will happen.  You know my old habit of paying too much on debt and then going back.  I am trying to keep myself from doing just that right now.  It is hard and I am so tempted.

     I had better get busy as I am still in my jammies.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. "I have to dress a bride" - that sounds so lovely but I know it's a lot of work for you but it must feel wonderful to have a part to play in her wedding:) The weather is perfect here too - mild with no humidity - it really energizes me and motivates me to get things done.