Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Afternoon!

     We went to a church breakfast this morning and of course I ate too much and none of it good for me.  Because I went for the doughnuts!  Sorry me has to have donuts,yum,yum,yum (said in cookie monster voice!)  Then hubs and I went and picked up part of my mom's Christmas present that was marked down to 70% off.  I have been watching them for weeks, go down slowly.  We also went grocery shopping and hit the meat sales and filled the car with gas.  Chicken thighs and legs .79 a lb., Good all meat bun franks (beef) .99 with $1 off coupon, Fresh coho salmon $4.99 lb.  bought a 6lb fish., Burger $2.99 in large packages,  peppered thick cut bacon $1.49 lb must buy 10 lbs and wrap yourself.  So a lot of meat wrapping when I got home.  I figure a chicken dinner with potatoes and veg will be about .50 a serving, not bad.  Stocked for at least a couple of months.  I also bought 2 beef roasts, $3.99 a lb and a T-bone steak marked way down.  I will have roast beef tomorrow and I froze the other two.

     Neighbor had brought over a big box of pears from the Orchard.  Again too large and scarred to sell so I have 1/3 of them in the dryer and and will do two more batches in the next couple of days.  Chickens are laying well and I take the eggs I don't use and sell them at the dance studio.  Usually 2 dozen a week.  It is an extra 6 bucks and it goes right into my piggy bank.  

     Missing my mom dreadfully.  I need to clean the shop it is a sty, maybe I will do that after this post. I posted new totals and I was just sure that I would be below Jenn and Sarah for just a few hours but not yet!  Dang, double dang.  I did however put at least $2500.00 on other studio bills as that is debt I really want paid off.  I would have liked to do the truck but I put it where the interest was higher.  That truck however is going down soon and I will get ahead I swear I will, Hahahahaha ( said with evil laugh)

  Okay I have no excuses now to not clean the shop, whimper, splat....

Have a great evening!


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