Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, Sarah is a sneak....

     Okay did you guys see that Sarah did not change her post but updated her totals?  Yeah, yeah, she did that.  I also updated my totals and I was less than $1000 away from getting ahead of her and then she slides in with another large payment and I am now $3400.00 behind.  That is it I am gong to have to go sell some blood or plasma.  She is kicking my butt right now, but this is war.  A war against debt and things at this camp are going to get better, because I love a challenge!  But good for Sarah, she is so close to breaking the $100,000.  I wonder who will do it first?  Hmm...(twisting my beard)

     I baked bread yesterday eve and made a pot roast for dinner.  I have some chicken breast in the fridge and am trying to figure what I will do with them.  I think I will cook and make a shredded chicken Caesar Salad, I don't like it but Hub's will.  We leave for Florida next week so I need to get my ducks in a row.  The nice thing about having us travel together is that I don't have to worry about making sure Hub's has money at home.  How much gas will he use? Will he write checks for groceries?  I can just go and know that even though I am not earning anything, he is not spending anything.  I have money put aside for the trip.

          We had a nice quite weekend and the kids got home last night from a weekend trip.  D#3 was really sick with a cold.  She went right home to bed.  Hope she is okay.  She looked miserable.  Her class load is really hard this year. D#2 has been sick with a bad virus but she seems to be better.  Just stay away from me!

     I need to run through this house, laundry, kitchen, organize, toss, throw away, pay bills.  The normal routine.  Blah!  I will fuel myself with dreams of how I am going to take down Sarah.  That will keep me motivated!

Have a great and productive day.



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  1. How nice you get to get away with your hubs!!! And yuck. those colds are going around...