Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday, doing better, I think?

     I did manage to get most of the things I needed to get done or needed to start working on started yesterday. The problem is that I have to start most of the things over and that is what I don't like.  Whine, whine, sniff.  Why can't things just stay done.  I swear life can just be monotony at times.  Like watching mold grow.  I still need to order tickets to Florida and at least that will be done, DONE.  I also did not get out in the yard at all.  Wondering how to fit that in? 

     It looks like I will only have to be at the studio at 6:30 on Mondays from now on so that is good!  I actually did not get any sewing done yesterday, but came home last night from the studio about 8:30 and was able to get my quota done.  So not having to go to the bank does have an advantage.  I have energy left for some sewing. Still have ironing to finish, and the regular chores.  But where to fit in the yard work, I don't know.  It may be that I don't have to really be or stay at studio on Tuesday's either.  We have a few bugs to work out in the schedule.  But if I don't have to be down there, great!  So instead of 4 nights a week like last year, it would be three.  Just trying to cut back.  More time for me.

     I put chicken breasts out to thaw and I am going to put them in Judy and also make a big thing of rice.  Chicken and rice and vegetables.  So I have dinner two days in a row, boy am I an over achiever.  Hub's won't know what to do with himself.  Hub's also brought home a big box of apples that I will need to dry, so I will have to get the dehydrator going.  Oh joy!  Because I don't have enough to do.

     Well I am off to see the wizard!

      Time to get this butt moving, tomorrow I will try to report that ironing is done, and tickets are ordered, dehydrator is started and I might have pulled a weed?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It does seem endless, I agree. And it is. But i found that once i accepted it then I dont find it so daunting at all!

  2. Florida? You're going to Floriday? Well that sounds like something to look forward to! I wonder if your college boy is any good at pulling weeds?? You know what I hate doing over and over and over - DISHES!! There may be about 30 seconds a day that the sink is free of dishes - it drives me crazy - and there's only 2 of us!