Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday, microwave death....

     My micro wave and Sharon's microwave must be related.  Mine decided to die last weekend.  I could jiggle the button and it would start.  Then I could stand a hold buttons and it would work.  So it was only mostly dead.  Then I was holding down the button and it blew a fuse in the kitchen so the stove and the fridge were out of power.  Hub's said no more finagling.  We did not want to lose the fridge in the process of going through the microwaves pockets and looking for loose change.  After a week of no microwave, hub's wanted a new one.

     Well my old one was a DCS convection microwave.  It was large and heavy.  So heavy in fact that the cart it was on was not very stable.  It had always sat on the portable dishwasher, but that died a couple of years ago and I finally had it taken to the recycle last winter.  So I bought a cart and Hub's hated the cart.  I liked it because it allowed me to store Judy and my grill where I could get to them.  It was getting really wobbly. Hub's is home alone in the evenings when I go to the studio so he is the one that reheats what I cook or he cooks.  There is no way I am going to spend the money to replace that expensive micro-wave.

     So yesterday after Nutcracker tryouts and the bride, we went to Sears and bought a small microwave and then to Shopko for a cart.  The cart was more than 1/2 off and very stable.  It has a small drawer and two shelves, so I can still store my beloved Judy and even put utensils away.  I have so little drawer space in my kitchen so this is great.  The cart was originally $199.00 and we bought it for $69.00.  I really like it and it does not wobble every time you shut the microwave door.  I paid cash for the two and hub's is happy.  Sometimes you just have to do what the other wants.

     We were going to go out to eat last night and we went to two restaurants and they both had long wait lines.  The big Rodeo is in town.  So we went to Albertson's and bought some chicken and a couple of sides.  Then I saw a rack of cooked ribs and we bought those.  Well the ribs were on special for $8.99.  I knew we did not need both but I could use them for dinner today.  I always watch at the grocer for mistaken prices.  The ribs rang up for $12.99.  I went back to the deli and sure enough here is the sign so I asked the deli manager and she says it was to be removed, so I was taken to the courtesy desk where I was given a refund and the ribs were free!  I was more than willing to pay the sale price, but that was there policy.  Not bad dinner for 3 or 4 meals for us for about  $12.00.  Kind of made up for the microwave?

Well I have 15 minute before I have to make myself beautiful for church.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.



  1. For a minute I couldnt remember sitting in your kitchen...but then I remembered you named your crockpot after me:) I am glad you found a nice cabinet though some of them are so ugly! And wobble..mine finally wobbled itself to the curb with a free sign


    1. Judy. You don't know me but I miss you! Hope all is well.

    2. Judy: ditto what Anonymous above said. I keep hoping to find you blogging again. Take good care.

    3. I was wondering what Judy stands for... :) Judy, we miss you!

  2. I wondered but then figured it HAD to be the infamous CROCKPOT - Kim - you only have one???

  3. Woot for half off furniture! Sucks your microwave stopped functioning... they seem to last forever and ever that their styles go out, but the newer ones tend to go out sooner than the older generations.