Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday, late post!

     I was up early, but went straight to the yard.  Then I had to bathe as I was a total mess and stinky, then the customers started showing up.  SO I finally get to post. Housekeeper was here this morning so the upstairs looks great!  Saves me from having to do a run through.

     I did a full dehydrator load  of apples and pears.  I need to refill the trays after this post.  Dinner last night was bland, but lots of left overs so I combined the rice and chicken and I am adding onions, peppers, mushroom soup mix and making a casserole.  That is extra yummy.  Why because I added a lot of salt and calories.  Maybe I will add some cheese and make it even better.

     I did get tickets ordered for Florida.  Paid a little more than I wanted but got better seating as hub's about died last time we flew.  Also did a deal where I received 50,000 bonus miles/points which is enough to fly somewhere else.  I also did a little ironing, and a lot of sewing. 

     I have plenty to do today, and will keep plugging at the ironing and weeding.  Don't have to be to the studio until 5 today so I plan to get a little more done in the shop. Spending 2 hours out in the yard has put me behind, but it has to be done.  As I get done teaching today at 6:30 I can get a little more done out back, or maybe get hubs to help me load everything in the truck so I can go tot the dump tomorrow.

     I don't know why I think I can go out to the backyard jungle and get it whipped into shape in 2 hours.  I was disappointed with what I got done yesterday and this morning.  I was only able to weed 2 patios, and get part of the french drain cleaned out.  I have not touched the garden and the deck is a mess.  I am going to concentrate on the deck and boxes when I get home.  Then on to the garden tomorrow.  Many of my flower boxes are over 13 years old and are rotten on the bottom.  I told myself this is the last year I will use them.  I also have many Terra cotta pots that are breaking.  They only last so long in the elements.  I have painted them and reused them year after year.  So I am actually going to down size pots this fall.  All part of my make less work for Kim plan.

     Well I am behind so must go get crackin'
Oh added 4 new student to studio so that is good news!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Makes me feel tired already when I read your blog sometimes, and i ahvent had my morning coffee yet. Wonderwoman! xx

  2. I think the "make less work" plan is fabulous! Especially with your garden. That's what I want to do too! Make less work - we could create a club!!

  3. So why are you going to Florida now??