Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, in trouble with Sissie.....

     Okay I have  "The Mother" as we like to call her and I have not posted since last Thursday, so Sissie is upset as she cannot get a hold of me and does not know what is going on.  Well I can tell you the usual. 

     I drove over to Montana early Friday morning and Mom and I were back on the road coming home at 2:30.  Of course she brought enough stuff for a 6 months stay.  We arrived home about 8 in the evening and I was very tired.  But not as tired as I had been on Thursday evening so that is something I will have to fix later.

     Saturday I was up and in the garden for 5 hours putting it away.  It is still not done but getting closer.  Mom and I went and had our nails done and then we did a little grocery shopping.  Hub's and I took her out to dinner Saturday and she was happy.

     Sunday she turned into me.  Hub's and I went to church early as we had a conference and when I got home hoping for a long nap she had started making a big pot of applesauce.  She was cleaning my huge refrigerator, which was the mess from hell.  She had also started a load of laundry, made her bed and cleaned the kitchen.  I'm like,"Mom, what in the he??"  She is just tooling around.  Then I see that she has a pattern out on the dining room table and would I go down and put different thread in my machine as she can't see to thread it and could I help her get this pattern cut out?  Now she is boiling beets left in the crisper and she wants me to make borsch.  Okay,  I was hoping she would wind down for a nap. But first we have to put all the applesauce she has made in freezer bags and shred all the beets.  Sis can you see the mess? She finally did  go down and I laid down beside her and slept for 2.5 hours until she woke me up because she needed the machine thread color changed. So she sewed three baby blankets and wants to finish them today.  We ate her clam chowder she brought with her that was frozen in a cooler.  Clam chowder and borsch for dinner?  Will eat more tonight with beef and potatoes.  But the woman is running around here like she has a pre delivery nesting instinct and I expect a new brother or sister soon.  I am exhausted but I have a clean fridge!

     I jumped up this morning after sleeping later than I wanted.  I went to bank and post office to get bills paid.  The back of the truck is full of bags for the dump but I need to put quite a few more things in there.  I also have to clean my shop as it is a disaster and sew quite a bit today.  I think if I could get the ironing done it would help the shop as there are piles everywhere.  Also the laundry is backed up as the kids brought home about 4 loads from the college.  I don't have to be to the studio until 6:30 so I have time to get some things done, if I don't have too many interruptions.  My mother's middle name is interruption.

  Actually, my biggest problem right now is I have no plan for the day and I need a plan?  It is like I am lost in a fog.  What do I do first?  I have started the laundry, guess I will go upstairs and straighten the house and work on the deck as I can hear the shop bell from there.  If I can get the deck done and get to the dump before noon I can sew this afternoon.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Just wait for sissie to show up and then drive to my house...I will hide you til its all over