Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday, Up late, trying to care:)

     I got up really late today and I don't care if I do anything although I have so much to do.  Just lazy and I think a little blue from mom leaving.  I am also very tired.  She is so much work on an emotional level.  If she comes here to stay we will have to work things out.  I was able to get everything done I normally do and her projects as well, but I cannot maintain that pace forever.  Two weeks were hard, it was like a stressful vacation, even though I really enjoyed it.

     We are involved in a little family drama with my brother right now and as usual he leads to mom's stress.  There is nothing we can do, he made his choices long ago and now has to live with them.  Mom just blames herself and then tries to help him and there is no helping someone who refuses  to take the blame for any thing he does.  So hard on her but the worse he gets the closer we have to getting her out of that mess and some where safe.

    Hub's and I had a nice talk last night and D#2 and I stayed up way too late talking, it was nice.  I bet her butt is dragging at work today, at least I could sleep in.

     Well I really, I mean really need to get some things done around here, mom is not here to do them for me.  Darn!  Sissie will you come out here for Christmas?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I miss mom too! When is my jam arriving? Lol

  2. Felt the same way this morning...hmmm, maybe it was the day....How nice to have a long visit with your Mom! I wish my Mom were here...