Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday,my hardest day of the week!

     Last Thursday, I was about dead by the time I arrived home from the studio.  I am a little tired this mornig although up earlier. I will see how I feel tonight and I may have to adjust my schedule. 

     Mom is staying until the 24th and she has been so busy sewing and cooking.  Her eye sight is really bad, and I think she is coming to grips with that.  We had a meatloaf last night and mom made a potato salad with the left over potatoes from past dinners.  She also boiled up the chicken carcass we had from Tuesday and we will have homemade chicken soup today.  I will make bread today.

     I sewed hard yesterday and have a major amount of hemming to do today and also 28 button holes!   But once this pile is done I think I can breath for a while.  However work just keeps pouring in and I am happy about that.  I can tell mom is happy here, she feels of use and she keeps busy with hobbies.  I can help her when she gets stuck.

     I did get the bills paid I was worried about and I am looking forward to posting totals for this month, just hoping to make some extra progress.  I still have 4 sets of parents that have not paid tuition.  They are long standing students but need to get busy.  I talked to 3 of them last night.

Out My Window:  Chickens are laying well and mom uses many eggs so that is good.  Hub's mowed the front lawn last night and it looks so nice.  He will do the back tonight.  I want him to clean the chicken coup.

     Well I have at least 15 hems to do so I had better get busy.  Mom is still asleep.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh my dear woman! You sound positively hopping over there! I hope you get everything done that you need to and that the folks pay up when they should!

  2. We need to put your mom and my mom together first at your house and turn them loose then mine. We will both come back to perfect houses. I came down to go to work at 6 this morning and my mom was using the dustbuster on the bottom of the fridge...God Love them...

    Hope your parents paid up :)