Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday, Judy has offered to hide me:)

     Okay Sissie, I think we have found shelter, Judy will hide us.  Maybe we can take Sluggy along.  I will be the designated driver.  It is not even 9 a.m. here and mother is in sewing a blanket.  I am wiped out!  Well not really but I am not sure when she is going to crash.

     I did not get much sewing done yesterday.  Okay let me reword that I did not get any where near enough sewing done yesterday.  I did get the pond running again.  I did get all the rotted and broken flowers boxes in the back of the truck and my were they rotten.  In the back of my mind I was thinking maybe I could get one more year out of them, but NO!   I only had two Terra cotta pots that were not cracked or flaking.  All of this stuff is over 14 years old so I think I got the goody out of them.
     The garden is so nice and clean with just a few veggies left in it.  I still need to clean around the pond and over the garage.  Then all that is left is trimming the yard which will be days and days of work and I am not even going to face it until after we are back from Florida.

     Mom sewed and cleaned cupboards yesterday.  Yes Sissie cupboards.  She was down in the shop ( a very messy shop I might add) asking , "What is this pile?"  ironing "What is this pile?" ironing  I am in trouble she raised me better.

     I must make a trip to both dumps this morning to throw away pots and then all the yard waste.  Then I must hit the shop and not leave until I am caught up.  It is ridiculous it really is, because you all know I have been just sitting around doing nothing!

     We had left over beef and bortsch with new potatoes for dinner last night.  Tonight roast chicken, new spuds, new baby carrots, yum.

     I need to get to work!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Y'all can all come up here and hide. I have room now. lolz
    Bring mom and she can clean my house too!

  2. It must be a mom thing. When mine visits me she is always cleaning and organizing until I force her to stop and just enjoy herself. lol

  3. I think it's a mom thing... When mine was here after the first kid was born, she couldn't just sit and visit with me while I nursed. She pulled the knobs off the stove, got a soapy bowl of water and scrubbed them while she sat on the couch...

  4. Moms on a Mission! If only I could get my daughter to move out I'd be more than happy to go over and clean!