Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday, day off sort of...

     It is my day off.  Tonight is the Art walk downtown so I will have to go to the studio and see that window is presentable.  I also have many sewing projects to do today.  Showered and I have to fix my hair and put on some makeup so I don't scare the natives.  Then I am going to hit my machine full throttle.

     I have no plans for the weekend and that is nice.  No big list of to do's.  I won't have many more of these until after the Nutcracker.  I am going to do bills today and get totals to post.  I have many customers coming in this afternoon and the Homecoming dance is over the weekend we will be in Florida so the next two weeks should fill up with homecoming dresses.  I had better get my shop cleared out before that mess hits.  One more reason to be motivated.

     I think having mom here motivates me to get more work done.  Well put it this way, she has to have somebody to hound so she does it to me.  Makes her feel better and I get more work done.  I don't even find it aggravating, just a challenge.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful days, in the high 70's.  It is a beautiful Fall.

I need, have, must,get to work!

Have a great and productive day!


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