Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Tuesday, Another chart! I don't know?

 I completed another chart yesterday! It was a rather frustrating day as a very hard wedding dress I had done was too long, so I have to get inside and hem it.  Then I had another wedding dress come back as the girl had lost weight.  Not my fault, but I still have to fix it.  I felt like all I did was redo, and then when I sat down and figured out my day, I did make my quota, so I need to be a little less hard on myself.

I have a big pot of mixed beans I have soaked, and I am taking them out of the water and rinsing them and make a large pot of soup again. I took a bag of leftover ham out of the freezer and made Hubs a ham and cheese omelet for dinner. He will have ham and bean soup and a salad from the garden tonight.  He is back on his diet and hungry. No ore cookies around here for a while.

Hubs is up with Oliver today, and he will bring him down after 3 along with Schmills.  Mom will pick up Schmills when she gets off work.  We will have both babies tonight and all day tomorrow.  Hubs will be here to supervise outdoor play and he will take them to the park. It is a rough schedule with kids this week. Hubs also has pit practice every night this week and the show opens on Friday.  So, he will have long days and I will be with both babies until he gets home late.  I have to get everything done today as I won't get much done after he goes to rehearsal.

It is very easy to get nothing done when I have Kelsa.  It is not that she disrupts me much, I just use her as an excuse to do nothing.  Right now, she is playing with toys and watching COCO Melon. I can still be in the shop sewing; she will come find me and the door is open so I can hear her.  But I will sit and just waste time watching her and that cannot happen for the whole week.   Also, the house needs work desperately as in floors, wipe down and dust. I can do those things while she is here.  I raised three girls who were all tiny and busy and I still sewed and cleaned the house.  Why do I now set my butt in a chair when she comes over? Kim needs to rethink this habit, I have developed, just sitting while the kids are here.  I have work to do.  If not in the shop, then in the house....

We had another really bad rainstorm yesterday.  I felt bad for the people that had cleaned up after Sunday only to have to do it again.  On the bright side, I have not had to water the gardens or the pots.  Saves me time and money. Although watering is my excuse to go out and enjoy!

I washed the beautiful handmade quilt my daughter bought me in Hawaii, on delicate and I have it hanging out on the clothesline to dry.  It is a beautiful day today and I have to take advantage.  Although we are going to have more bad weather toward the end of the week.

So today as it will be kid crazy, Kim is going to get some things done before the chaos, starts.  By chaos I mean being left with two almost two-year old's this evening. I don't know do you think I can do it?

1. get bean soup started  Done in the first 15 minutes

2. empty dishwasher Done second 15 minutes

3. clean and organize shop and vacuum

4. vacuum and dust, spare bed room Done second 15 minutes

5. vacuum hall and dust vents Done second 15 minutes

6. clear dining table of odds and ends done in the first 15 minutes

7. vacuum front room and dust done second 15 minutes

8. vacuum dining room after sweeping and dusting done in 3rd timer

9. clean and wipe down family room and vacuum done in 4th timer

10. now mop all the floors 5th timer

11. wipe down the appliances 4th timer

12. call a client for pick up

13. get wedding dress hemmed again

14. pull two more wedding dresses and rip them to get ready to sew

15. clean the kitchen done in 3rd timer

16. vacuum master bedroom 3rd 15 minutes

Now how long is it going to take me to get the housework done?  I am going to set the timer for 15 min. and get started. Kim is not going to sit and do nothing.  Although she really likes to do that.

On you mark, get set, go!

Okay 15 minutes in did a couple of things, including greeting a client, changing a diaper and redressing a baby, more interruptions than I thought. 

Okay second 15 minutes got alot of vacuuming done and some of the kitchen cleaned but it is not done

3rd 15 minutes more vacuuming, took out all trash and relined small trash cans, also scrubbed the baseboards in the hall. Cleaned up some cat vomit hidden in front room, gross.  Why always the nicest room in house? 

took a 1/2 hour break to get Kelsa down for a nap

4th timer Kelsa down, wiped down appliances, wiped down family room tables, cleaned around dog dishes, pulled rubber rugs from kitchen and hosed them down.

5th timer, moped the house and then vacuumed  up any extra fluff 

6th timer, put mops and cleaning supplies away, put rugs back down, shook dog bed and returned This is taking a lot longer than I though it would, but I had to finish mopping with a baby on my hip. I want at least the house cleaned before Oliver gets here. 

So far although this is not easy with a little one and it does take longer, I have in 1.5 hours cleaned the entire house.  Well not the shop but that is coming.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 



  1. With so much to do you might want to rethink being so available for childcare. I know you love your grandkids and love having them around, but like you said, you have things to do too. Don't discount your importance!

    1. You are so right as I got no sewing done what so ever!

  2. I know I am so much slower than I was 25 + years ago. I don't think you can compare how you got things done as a mom, to how you can as Grandma. To Anne's point, I know you'll never not be available to babysit, so moot for me to agree, but I do agree. I know you love those kid's to pieces, and we just read what you write. Something tells me you're even more on duty to everyone and you put yourself last.

  3. Nothing wrong with enjoying the kidlets! You do really push yourself to do EVERYTHING, though, and I encourage you to stop and enjoy life!

    I did laugh at your note about the cat vomit. I arrived home yesterday to a gooey hairball puke right at the entrance to my closet (where I wouldn't miss it, thank you, cat???). Ugh.

    1. I know. We have one nice area rug that is mostly burgundy but the cat will vomit green bile on the only space that is light cream. I ask why?

  4. Kim,
    Fifty-years ago, I could handle the cleaning and two babies and then little kids. None of us can do that now. I hope you are charging for the alteration on the dress after she lost weight.

  5. I honestly don't know how you do everything you do. I hope you're making time each day for yourself.

  6. Very impressive. You should be proud of yourself. I don't think I could get that much accomplished with everything else going on in your life.

    1. Well I must say it was nice to have a clean house for 10 seconds!