Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Wednesday, Lesson learned, I think?

 If you have two almost 2-year old's, a 6-year-old and a 72-year-old, come home at 4:30 they are going to want dinner by 5.  If the 72-year-old leaves for pit practice, you will really get nothing done.  When the mom comes to pick up the 6-year-old and leaves the 2 almost 2-year old's, you will really, really get nothing done.

As one of the near twos only took a 40 minute nap (Kelsa) she was very grouchy and needed to go to bed early, but refused to go to bed period. What a pill.  Oliver was a gem.  Both woke up at 6:30 and I am not an early riser.  I let Hub's sleep until 8 as he has a late rehearsal again tonight. 

When I got done with making pancakes for breakfast, I looked around my house, and it looked like I had not spent yesterday cleaning it.  But I quickly cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher, made the beds, and I am ignoring the scattered toys, as those will be easy to clean up.

I did get my shop vacuumed and clean yesterday, but I do need to finish cleaning my sewing table.  Hub's has to run his time sheet to the school office and then I am going to lock myself in my shop.  

The grocery adds were dismal as usual. I am going to get the limit on shrimp, which is 2 from Albertsons, but that is it.  I do have to do a general shop at Winco tonight for a few fresh items we are low on.  I am making a double shrimp salad for a funeral tomorrow and some to leave at home.

I am grateful that I was able to get as caught up as I am in the shop, but I really want to get to at least 3 wedding dresses before the week is out.

I am also making the funeral spray for my friend's husband's coffin. So, my daughter will take me to Costco tonight to get flowers and I will fill in with cedar, hosta leaves, and anything else I can find to pick that will hold up.  A large spray can run around $800.00 here and I can make one for about 75.00.

So I have a busy evening ahead of me. Tomorrow Schmills has kindergarten graduation ( which I think is kind of silly) and then we have to leave for the funeral.  I have to get flowers to mortuary by noon. It will be a long day. Hubs is playing at the graveside and the luncheon after for the family. I will serve and help in the kitchen and then we have to hurry home as hub's had dress rehearsal.  I will be sewing.

Kim has learned that no sewing will get done when she is the only adult and there are two babies. Kim is a slow learner.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.





  1. You and I sewed lots with little kids about, but those kids have to hear about sewing all the time to be even a smidgen aware they have to behave some of the time! I kicked toys out of the way most of the time, just shoving them out of the walking path so I would not kill myself.
    You help everyone else out of all sorts of binds. Who helps you? I certainly hope someone else repays you the $75.

  2. I think you'll be posting something similar in near future You probably have learned, but not accepted you're not a super human. Is anything that touches you not your responsibility? Flowers and Kitchen? How might you get others to step up so you can step back?

  3. I agree with Sam above - you CAN say no to some things. $800 for a spray of flowers??? You can go huge and stupid here and never spend more than $200.
    Girl you just need to repeat the phrase "just say no" as a mantra in your head.
    You sure are a good person.

    1. Cheryl,
      There is a saying--you can ride a good horse to death. Apt?

  4. I have made it eminently clear to my kids that I am not to be called as a babysitter if and when they have kids inn my own childrearing days, I would find myself getting annoyed at peers who used their parents as convenient childcare. I also think kindergarten graduation is silly, and condescending, really. Do we really think so little of education that we give mortarboard hats to kindergartners, or even worse, pre-schoolers?

  5. I went to kindergarten and they had a graduation for us. I am 62 yrs old… lol. I still remember it and I remember my mother smiling at me and being so proud! We are critically understaffed so my part time work is full time for now at least. I don’t get swamped in my personal life outside of work because I essentially have no life outside of work… lol. Also, I value my privacy and I am just not very friendly outside of work. I think I “people” too much during the work day and want to be left alone when I come home at night. I find all of the contentious cases/people I deal with all day drains me, and I have to be alone to be able to function the next day. Grandchild is 2000 plus miles away and I sure wish I could see her more often. I could definitely see spending time with her. Other folks, not so much, and that includes extended family like cousins and aunt.Extended family stresses me out and I rather work… lol. Cindy in the South

  6. I thought kindergarden grad was kind of cute. My guys made there own hats (a soft margarine container covered in tin foil with a square of construction paper fastened on top. They even used yarn to make their own tassels.

    I do find grade 8 grads kind of silly. The girls spend a fortune on their grad dresses and four years later the parents have to fork over again.

    God bless.

  7. I just adore you! You are a blessing to so many, and you always make me smile. : )

  8. Yes, it's true, you do too much!! But I think maybe it is your joy to help others. You do seem to be over-extended. Just remember to take care of yourself or you won't be able to help others and I think that would bring you down. Your husband also seems to be under a lot of pressure, hopefully it doesn't stress him out or wear him down to the point he can't handle it.

  9. Your mind must be a-buzz at all times with your lists of things to do, Kim! I'm amazed at how much you give back to others. Hang in there - take care of yourself!