Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday, It can't be Friday! Kim says NO!

 Yikes!  It can't be Friday already, can it? Kim needs to get her butt in gear.  I have two dresses and 4 pairs of pants due out today, by this afternoon.  I have not touched a wedding dress all week and I wanted to have one out and three more ready for fittings.  Well, that did not happen.

We had a beautiful day for the funeral.  It was sunny and warm, and everything was lovely. I also have to say that Schmill's graduation was really, really cute.  Even though I thought it was unnecessary. Those little kids in caps and gowns were adorable.

Also, Kelsa has started to walk! The little bugger has refused to walk, and she is 22 months old. Remember how she would not pull herself up to stand and she was a year old.  Signe' and Nate had a specialist coming to the house for therapy and the little bugger pulled herself up and climbed on an ottoman the day before the appointment.  Well, they have a therapist coming today and she stands up at Schmill's graduation and walks across the gym.  I guess she didn't want her brother to have all the attention, the little minx.  But we are relieved. Probably won't be so much when we are watching her from now on.

It was a really long day yesterday.  Schmill's graduation was at 10:15, and we both had to get up early to get things loaded for the funeral and out the door.  We then had to drive 1hour.15 minutes to the cemetery to get the flowers set and we got there about noon.  Then back to the church for food set up and then back to cemetery for Hub's to go over music. The funeral was at 2 and it was just a graveside service.  As soon as it was over, we rushed back to church to wait for people to arrive.  It was a baked Potato, chili bar, with salads, rolls and cake. Hubs and I left and got home at 4:45, and I laid down immediately and slept until 8 p.m.  So tired.  Poor hubs had to go to pit practice until 11:30 last night.  Dress rehearsal is tonight, and I am going. He slept until 9 today he was so exhausted.

I am so happy it was nice yesterday as it is raining again today. The weather is supposed to be awful all weekend.  So, I will have no excuse not to get some things done like maybe sew?  Novel idea? Yes?

I just realized that I had a bridesmaid coming for a dress, so I ran into shop and hemmed and steamed it.  Took 10 minutes.  It is drying.  Little segue in the blog...

Hubs came home Wednesday night and said that the guest director for this musical was upset with the costuming, of a boy's scene and that the boys were not dressed in the period of the show. I knew that there were ten cream peasant shirts and breeches sets at the studio I used to own.  I could ask daughter to grab the bins when she was down there and they could borrow them, as Hubs could take them with him to rehearsal. They replied back yesterday when I was in the kitchen at the church that they had it taken care of but could I please help outfit 5 young girls?  They showed me a picture and they were supposed to be Cinderella's flower girls and let me tell you it was dismal. This would mean I would have to go and pull things and see that they fit and in less than 24 hours.  I said sorry no.  I felt bad, but their poor planning is not my problem. They should have asked me weeks ago for help.  I know they contacted me about dancing and I said no, and then they wanted to borrow the coach that I had made and I was able to get them that along with how to decorate it.  But now they need 5 dresses of various sizes in a Victorian setting.  I would have had to really doctor dance costumes to get this and yes I could have, but sorry not right now. I am getting better.  Kim before would have said yes to her own detriment.

I will run over to my friend's house before I go to the dress rehearsal to see how she is doing.  I actually picked up a package of gluten free oreos for her.  I also want to see how she is the day after the funeral when no one is there, and she is finally alone. I has been a long 10 days since her husband's death and I think it will finally set in.

  This is why we stayed at Hubs mom's for a week after his dad's death.  All the family left the day of the funeral and we stayed and I redecorated her living area.  She needed to be busy and a new environment. When hub's grandfather died, everyone left that day and I was the only one in town. Hub's grandmother had an awful time alone.  Jethelyn (my oldest she was 4) and I would go over every evening and just get grandma to eat.  If she was making Jethelyn something then she would eat something.  She lost over 40 lbs in her grief in just a few months. This is when I learned about how to attend grief.  I had just lost Franka about 8 months earlier.  I knew what she was going through.  It is a very hard time.

Well, I am off to get some sewing done and I mean it this time!!!!!

I missed Thrifty Thursday, so here is a Thrifty Friday
1. saved all my spare change
2. saved all my 5's now have $475.00 or $110.00 saved same as last week I mean really this is hard I could use this money elsewhere and I have to save it. But I will be grateful when I am going on my girls trip.
3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill
4. Used points to get a free gallon of apple juice for the grandbabies
5. saved my friend $720 dollars making a funeral spray plus gained a new experience 
6. dried heavy bedding outside between rainstorms
7. used all foods from pantry and freezer for meals no eating out
8. reused funeral flowers for bouquets and saved the saddle for the next time.
9. used coupons at Joanns
10. found the least expensive place to get gas
11. found several pennies this week at least .6
12. because of rain we have hardly had to water, which is saving us money.  Water here is so high.
13. we are picking a ton of lettuce from our garden more than we can eat, so we are blessing others and eating lots of salad.
14. stocked up on flour at least expensive price and put it in buckets for the year.
15. Daughter bought Hub's a year of dental care for Father's Day!  Now that is a blessing

Okay Kim is now getting to work, she promises.....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. So happy to hear that you CAN say no. You go girl.
    Those little ones do things when they are ready and not before. I had a niece that couldn't (wouldn't) say a word and was 2 - everyone thought all kinds of things. One day she started and has shut her mouth since!!!!! In their time.
    Have a good weekend - hope you get some stuff done.

    1. It is really hard for me, and I am so happy I did.

  2. Good work saying no! It can be hard, but you need to save your time & energy for yourself & your top priorities. Hope you have a productive day!

  3. So proud of you for saying No! Your daughter's Fathers Day gift to your husband is so generous and thoughtful!

  4. I'm glad you said no to dance and last minute dresses, but you are a dear to still see to your friend. Priority over costumes. We see things differently when experiencing similar and want to help ease the pain for others. You're good people you and hubs!

    1. I am so happy I said no. Mostly because this group is so unappreciative of anything you do for them anyway.

  5. I am counting the as a blue banner day! Finally a no! Hurrah!
    You are an excellent friend

  6. Death and grief come before costumes! Good for you. I guess if you say NO long enough, they will catch on. I suppose Kelsa finally found a reason to walk. You should write up a manual for your church goers about how to handle grief. It is hard to be alone when a loved one dies, especially the first night.

    1. The theater is a constant source of frustration.

  7. Sounds like a good week, Kim. Lots of money saving going on in your home. Children will do things on their own time frame, won’t they? I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. What a good friend you are. I can't imagine what your friend is going through.

    1. I think there is relief as he was total care, but also guilt because of the releif.