Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wednesday, still eating...

     My oh my, I don't think I will ever get caught up at this house.  Although I worked steady yesterday and got so much done I still feel like I am surrounded by stuff.  Hub's was able to wash all the dishes and I did get major sewing done.  So I am grateful for that.

     I took a car load of things over to Lil sis's and there is still more to sort.  My goal today is to get everything that our Bishop's daughter is going to use in boxes and have them come and pick this up.  That will get rid of some major things.

     On the food note I was able to make 4 gallons of really good beef stew.  I froze three and I am taking a gallon to my friend that I take a meal into once a week.  We skipped last week due to the wedding.  I have rolls left over in the freezer and we have one watermelon, one cantaloupe, and one honey dew, which I will cut up and take a bowl over. I have not figured out dessert yet.  I will also take a large bowl of fruit to a church camp out this Friday.  Then the wedding food is done.  Everything else is either frozen or cooked up.  Hooray!

     I must get out in the garden today and get tomatoes and squash picked.  Also everything needs water as it was 108 here yesterday.  With this heat either the plants burn or grow.  So I need to keep up on that.

     I sewed hard in the shop yesterday and it was busy, but every time I had a free minute I tried to do something either in the laundry or the wedding pile. I know I am making progress but when I look at the piles it still seems like there is so much to do.  One bite at a time.

     Yesterday I had a bride come in that had bought a wedding dress second hand that was way to big for her.  I just took it in about a month a go and it has been laying in the shop.  When you are taking in huge amounts of fabric on either side of a dress, alterations can be a nightmare.  She is getting married next week and came in for her first of many fittings.  That dress zipped up and fit like a glove! I felt like it was a holy miracle. I still have to cut and finish the inside and hem and do a few other things to it.  But that has never happened before.  God is good and he knew I needed a little pick me up.

     I have two wedding dresses coming in this afternoon to add to my chaos. So I really want to get the shop a little more organized if I can. Yesterday was Sheriff uniforms almost all day.  Today it is the pile of misc. items that all need done.  I will concentrate on the pile, then the wedding dress.

     I think the corn in the garden is ready so I will have hubs pick and shuck and then we will blanch tonight outside and freeze what is ready as we can't eat that much corn all at once.

     So today's list of to dos:

1. finish putting away laundry
2. pick garden and deal with produce
3. make dessert for meal to be taken in
4. cut up fruits
5. water all plants
6. scrub the two toilets. (they are awful)
7. get hub's to pick and shuck corn
8. blanch/freeze corn corn
9. get wedding things that will be taken to bishop sorted
10.get large container for all leftover disposable silverware and paper goods put away in garage.
11. Sew, sew, sew, the pile!
12. take things to Jim/Sue and pay them for wedding foods they purchased.
13. take a meal into friend.

That is quite a list and it all may not get done, but I will continue to eat the elephant.

Are you eating an elephant?  What are your plans for today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. My list is to call and find a new doctor to replace the new one I saw yesterday, get animal control to set my live trap, get dressed, go to grocery.

    You certainly have piles on many fronts for you to get under control. Taking in lots of the sides of a garment is almost as hard as making a new dress sometimes, especially if armholes and sleeves are involved. I am glad you made it work.

  2. How neat that you were able to alter the too big dress to fit the bride like a glove. That's great and such a good skill to have. I hope you get everything done on your to do list today. :)

    1. Well I tried and getting a dress to fit on the first alteration is very hard.

  3. Well "I" can certainly eat that much corn.....lolz

  4. I see those scales tipping to overload my friend. ;) Praying you can get some down time soon and just sit for awhile and breathe.

    1. Oh they tipped to overload a long time ago. I think we are in for a cooling trend the next few days!

  5. You just make me tired every time I read your posts. The one things I am really missing this summer is corn. I am envying your excess fresh corn.
    Get some rest before life forces you to.

    1. I make ne tired also. Last night I was really tired!

  6. Congrats on the fit of that wedding dress. Such a morale-booster!

  7. Quit beating yourself up. You have been so productive compared to my slug self!
    How wonderful to have so much great food (wedding & garden) for you pantries. That is great.

  8. You are so productive. I am amazed at all that you get done in one day.