Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday, I am so tired of the push

     Whine, complain, sniff.  If you don't want to listen to Kim whine don't read. I am tired of the constant work, sewing, cleaning, yard, garden, debt payoff, dinner making, canning, freezing, saving money..... just tired.  I want it to be done, over with, gone, kaput. I know this is immature, but it is how I feel.  The silly thing is, I can't think of anything else I would rather do either.

     Like would I rather be shopping for stuff I don't need?  No.  Would I rather be sitting around doing nothing?  No. Would I like to go back to bed? Yes. Am I sleepy? No. I am just DONE!

     Okay I am over that rant on with my life....

  Can you believe there was this much sawdust at the bottom of a large bag of Hub's cereal?  1 3/4 cups, so I put it in some blueberry muffins.   What a waste.  I did not want to freeze the last 2 cups of blueberries I had picked, so this was a good way to get rid of both.  I also wanted to have something to take to my friend today along with a meal.  Killed two birds with one stone so to speak.

Yummy, baked in a hot oven.  I had help from the littles and let me tell you cooking with a 1 year old and a 2 year old is work.
Beautiful cranberry scones.  Yum!  I will send 6 of these to my friend and keep the others for Hubs and myself.  Scones are so easy to make and among the favorite treats I make for early morning choir practice at church. In fact I  am sharing one with my dog right now.:)

Last night we had leftovers for dinner and tonight I am going to make a couple of pork chop and rice casseroles.  My friends parents love this so that is what it will be.  I will also fry up some green beans and yellow squash.

     Last night I also got a good start on another wedding dress and I have a wedding dress pick up today.  But as I concentrate on wedding dresses the pile grows higher.

Ah the Pile.  This consists of, pants to hem and pants to be let out or taken in.  Pants to be lengthened, small sewing jobs for clients.  It all goes in the pile.  So after I call and complete as much as I can do on this wedding dress I will be consumed by the pile.  It all has to be done. I must stay on the hamster wheel and every penny goes to house payoff.  I almost have another $500.00 ready and I think I will have it by this evening.  Push, push, push.

     So today the plan is:

1. laundry at least get it washed and dried
2. make pork chop casseroles
3. hem 4 pairs of jeans
4. hem two work pants
5. alter shirt sleeves, take out pants
6. alter jacket sleeves, hem and peg pants
7. finish mother of the bride shoulders
8. let out pants and take down hem
9 .take in pants and let down hem
10 alter a pile of clothes/mend
11. hem two shirts
12. alter two skirts
13. finish as much as possible a wedding dress and call client.
14. go to grocery store
15. hem blouse sleeves
16. hem one pair of jeans
17. take meal into friend
18. hem pair of work pants 
19. hem 2 pair jeans for hubs so he will stop complaining
20. patch sweatshirt for D#3

     Will I get all of this done today?  No way, but I  hope to get a good start.  I just have to keep pushing myself up this steep hill.

What are you pushing yourself to do?  Do you ever get tired of the rat race you call life?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I'm working at relaxing. The pushing is the way I lived for so much of my youth into being a young Wife and Mom. It is a great way to wear yourself out. Life like Mary or life like Martha. I have to make the deliberate choice to be at peace and not pushing to be pushing. I work, but I also live.
    Take a deep breath. I had to give up being a work horse. Blessings to you,

    1. I will live an easier life once all the bills are paid and we are getting there.

  2. I don't have a good sense of how much time sewing takes, so that seems like an endless list to me!

    1. I can sew a pair of pants hem on the machine in less than 5 minutes. A hand hem on dress pants 15 minutes. If I was uninterrupted I could get through almost everything in the shop in about 3 days. However I am constantly answering phones addressing client needs, stopping for breaks, getting things done around the house. I also can only sew a few hours at the machine as it flares the arthritis in my hips and then affects my back. I do all of my hand work sitting on the sofa in a comfortable spot.

  3. Hi Kim - I feel for you my friend. I hope you get to tick lots of things off on your list today. I am a list maker too -otherwise I find it just swirls all around in my head & overwhelms me. Your scones look delicious - wish I could reach into my screen xx

    1. They were good and I just ate the last two. I am a fatty:)

  4. My list is fairly big at the moment as well so I do sympathize - I hope that you will be able to give yourself a wee bit of a break once a lot of the wedding dresses are done. Do you think that sort of work will slow down a bit once October is over?

    1. Work will slow down at the end of November into December. It will be slow in January and February. Thank goodness. I can not be this busy all year I would blow!

  5. Mmm...scones. I'm sure the dog wouldn't mind further sharing that portion with me.

    1. He really likes scones. He always knows when I have one. How does he do that?

  6. You did a great job knocking things off your list!. Me, I am getting back into the work routine and watcing the grandkids after school.

  7. list followed by updated list followed by updated list. I just told Son 2 that I love our new home but the work load makes me not want to be home (which would increase the work load). I am tired.... joining that whine,complain, sniff. ADD SIGH because we know we will push on through it just like we always do.

    1. Yes you do have a huge amount of work with the new place. But this is the first year and eventually you will reach status quot it will get easier. I think....

  8. Ok, get the whining out of your system now because there will be no whining in Oct. at the beach!
    If Sissie and I have to tie you up to get you to relax we will. I am bringing lots of rope! *snort*

  9. We're all friends here-whine away and get it out. Look forward to your October time. Great way to use the cereal sawdust. I'd love you to post your scone recipe. Yum.

    1. Okay I will post it tomorrow, but after you eat then will you still be my friend? They are addicting and not low in calories. So I have only eaten 5 of them.....