Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thursday, Tired of eating elephant

     This isn't a great picture, but this group of young men made the wedding possible.  Well besides the groom who was very necessary. All of these boys grew up in a very small town in Idaho.  (3000)  They all played soccer together, and almost all completed their Eagle Scout award.  Two are lawyers,  two are PhD. candidates, all are successful young men.  Every time we needed anything setting up or even tearing down the next day we would holler.  "BOYS"  and one or two or six would appear to help, carry, unload, clean up, set up.  They were a god send.  We set up a large tent for serving food, many tables, over 100 chairs, heavy glassware, light strings through out the venue.  What a blessing. I don't know how many bags of ice these guys carried.  We could not have done it without them.

I thought this was a sweet picture of Dan and his mom.  Can you tell these two are related?  I love his mom she is the greatest.

I loved these steins that my Lil sis etched.  Each guest got to take one home as a memento.  Lil sis spent hours doing these. We had twinkle lights on every table and they looked so pretty shining off the silver plate.  You could look out into the night and it looked like a fairy land.

     Well I have all the wedding things pretty well under control.  There are still things to be delivered to our friends, but they escaped to the lake.  (I wonder why?)  I have a large pile of things that our Bishop will pick up and then there are two boxes of silver plate that I will sell on a resell web site.  I also have to put all my silver either back on the wall display or put it away.  It is covering the kitchen table.

   All the food is done and I think we are almost back to status quot.

     I was able to freeze 3 large bags of corn yesterday.  We had, fried green beans/yellow squash, sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob and whole grain baguette for dinner.  The baguette was free at Albertsons.  They are offering a free item every week.  I have gotten a case of water, tin foil and bread in the last few weeks. Even though we do not drink bottled water, we keep some in the garage fridge for missionaries to stop by and get a bottle, or the garbage men, who ever needs a cold pick me up.  It is over 100 here for about a month every summer.

     I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I needed to and the littles are here today, so I will have to sew this evening.  I also had 5 wedding dresses come in yesterday.  YES, 5 wedding dresses plus two bridesmaid and one mother of the bride.  My next month will be a busy one.  Tonight I will work on the pile that was neglected yesterday.

     I just realized I have not updated any of my blog lists for the month.  I have not listed my goals, I am just in survival mode this week.  I can wait to do this. I just don't want to think of anything that needs to be done right now.  Wading through the wedding stuff was enough for awhile.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. That is quite a crew you have to help. It seems their accomplishments academically are way above the average in a group of guys from one small town/area.

    The wedding work never ends, it seems!

    Some of the missionaries here liked to spend the hot afternoons perched on stools on the computers. I don't blame them. Well, it has been years since I spent enough time in the library, so this was several years ago.

    Water on these hot days is truly appreciated. My doctor did not want to cooperate. Well, it was on my blog.

    The veg dinner sounds wonderful!

  2. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful set of friends and family who were willing to help.
    I am glad all the food is done and impressed you got so much frozen.
    Give yourself time to get things back to normal , though your normal is pretty chaotic.
    5 wedding dresses?!?!?!

    1. I know Anne, I can hardly walk in the shop and the guilt of not working on them... oh well

  3. That is indeed a sweet picture of Dan/Mom. I love the sparkle of the stein, so festive!

  4. What a great group of young men! So lucky you had them available to help out.

    Good luck getting productive today. I need to get in a training walk (relay in 2 weeks!), have a call with Sam's school counselor, & meeting a friend for lunch. Nick has a soccer tournament this weekend, both boys are doing an obstacle race, and a friend is sleeping over. All boys, all the time. ;-)

    1. Wel I had all girls all the time until the boys started coming over....

  5. What a great group of boys to help out like that. I'm so happy for you. The photo of Dan and his mother is a lovely photo. Maybe you could frame him or her one and give it to them for Christmas? The steins look so good. Nice freebie on the baguette from Albertsons. We picked up a free doughnut fro Krispy Kreme yesterday. I hope you have a great weekend, Kim.

  6. Thanks Belinda. Albertsons is offering a free item every week now. I like free.

  7. Yeah for the boys! Could you send them over here? We have some really heavy things that need to be carried from the garage into the basement. Just kidding! Those steins are beautiful. Sis did a terrific job.

    I so miss Albertsons. They has some great deals!