Monday, August 26, 2019


     It was such a neat experience watching our son- in- law Dan see color for the first time.   He sees most things as green, yellow and brown.  He put his glasses on and never took them off.  He went outside and was so astonished by the different colors of greens.  He had never seen pink or purple before.  Reds and blues were very washed out and dull.  We had him identify colors before he opened his glasses and it was funny to watch him concentrate and not get the color right.  Then after he put on the glasses to be able to run through the list although he was stymied at purples, so many varieties of color.  He did not know Schmills was a red head other than he had been told he was.  On their drive home he was commenting on the sunset and the pink coming through the blue.  He had never seen that, isn't it wonderful that we have the technology to give people full sight?  The glasses were very pricey but we all shared in the cost and it was wonderful.

     Lil Sis and I made over twenty flower arrangements on Saturday and it took us about 3 hours.  The reception was beautiful and we stayed (hubs and I)until 10:30 helping tear down and put things to right at the church.  The Bishop and his wife were dragging they were so tired. and so were we.

     I had to get home and go to bed so I could get up and go to church and then finish cleaning the house and get dinner made for the birthday boy.  I was able to snag a 2 hour nap and not all house work was done, but daughter came in at last minute and helped me finish up.  Bless her heart.

     I am so happy this event is over.  I feel like I can calm down a little for this last couple of weeks of summer.  Even though the shop is still busy I don't feel like it is crazy any more and I hope that it stays that way.

     I do have a wedding dress I must finish today and I must get another ready for a first fitting.  The pile is under control and that is so great. I go into the shop and although there are still so many dresses in there the work load looks acceptable.

     I have a ton of laundry and linens to do from the wedding and I need to work on those as I sew today.  But first I have to clean out the slop sink as it is filthy from the basement flooding.  We kept pouring dirty water down it and it has to be cleaned so I can soak stained linens.  As soon as I have everything cleaned up I am going to post on a resale site and sell everything to recoup  some of the money from the wedding.

     D#2 and Schmills we be here until tomorrow so I am going to enjoy them.  I just want calm and rest now for a few weeks.  I also need to order airline tickets sometime today or tomorrow. Also need to call Sluggy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Money well spent for the glasses, no doubt about it. I have no problem spending money to enhance someones quality of life like this situation. I'm sure he was absolutely thrilled! Enjoy your D#2 & cutie grandson, Kim. You've earned some down-time for sure!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful gift. I bet he never takes them off!! What a gift to be given - the beautiful world God presents us each day.
    I do hope you get to calm down a little and just enjoy life for a while.

  3. That is a fantastic gift! It is so exciting to hear about how much this changed his daily experience with life. Very cool.

  4. How exciting for him to see all the colors now! Such a great gift.

    1. It was a wonderful experience for us and continues to be a wonderful experience for him.

  5. Oh, how wonderful for your son in law. I'm so happy for him. I love to watch the videos of children who get those implants and can suddenly hear. Just wonderful news, so happy for him.

  6. What a wonderful family gift for your son-in- law. It must have been awesome watching him see colors for the first time! I am happy that that wedding is done for you. So sorry to hear you were flooded.