Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday, Cranky mixed up day

     The day started out with a bad call from the insurance adjuster and I was not feeling my best due to congestion and headache.  Realized I had too much left to do in the shop as I had not kept careful track of what needed to go out by today.  So my stress level was through the roof.

     Of course the shop was super busy with phone calls and people in and out all day, so I could hardly get any hand work done and it seemed it was all hand work.  I am still behind as I have a set of dress blues that still need the rank sewed on and a good pressing due out for a funeral tomorrow.  I just sewed and sewed and people picked up and picked up.  I still feel like I am behind the 8 ball but I think today will be okay, just a few things to catch up on.  So happy all the wedding dresses for the 7th are done.  I would hate to have to come back to that pressure for next week.

     I had 4 dresses come in for a wedding that is tomorrow that just needed to be pressed and steamed so that added to the chaos.  But I did get 4 other dresses done and did a full set of dress blues, hem,waist,shorten sleeves, put on stripes (ugh!) and also shorten coat as the man needed a short and it came in long.  I was sewing up the sleeve lining by hand last night and realized it was 11:30 and I went to bed so this morning I will put on the rank and press.  I think a full set of dress blues is really harder than a wedding dress and almost as picky and I can't charge as much. 

     Good news somewhat on the insurance front.  They will replace the garage door opener that cost us $425.00 as the purse was stolen out on my car in my garage which makes it a burglary of my home. At first they refused and now I am fighting a $325.00 key fob.  The key fob on the truck that is 10 years old does not have to be replaced as I can start the truck with a $3.95 key the fob, is an accessory. But the new car which is one year old has a fob and must be replaced in order to drive the car.  It is a necessity.  They are calling is an accessory so I now have an insurance mediator working with me and I will keep bit%^ing until I get action. What a pain.  Our front door has to have the entire lock and door handle replaced as it is 60 years old.  We have not done this yet and they are only offering $60.00 to re key it.  It can not be re-keyed due to age.  I think we will win on this one as it was a burglary of a home.  If the purse had been stolen at Wal-mart no such luck.  This has been such a pain.

     On a good note, when dinner was about upon us, I pulled a rhubarb sponge cake I had made a couple of months ago out of the freezer along with a taco casserole. Both were delicious so the stress of the meal was non existent, plus bonus enough for today both lunch and dinner.  I usually keep frozen homemade entree's in my fridge for meals the church asks me to take out at the last minute, it was nice to be the recipient of my own good deed.

     We are driving up to Spokane for the weekend to go look at land with daughter and Schmills we will also pick huckleberries and daughter needs help putting a room together for a renter that is coming to stay with them for the year.  So we will be gone for three days, and it will be a nice break.

     What are you doing for the holiday weekend?  Any plans?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Nothing, and I m happy about that. It seems more important for people to take Friday and Monday off than be in their office to answer my questions. But, your stress is palpable. I am glad you received a meal.

  2. I will be working.. 3 days... YIKES!! But it will be my final 'full' weekend for the season. I may get called in to work in the afternoons, but that will be dependent on the owners.

  3. I hope you manage to catch your breath & have a bit of a restful weekend Kim - I feel tired just reading all that you accomplish in your days. I have been making meals & freezing them for my Mum & think I need to do some for us also. Take care Kim.

  4. Enjoy your long weekend! We have no plans at all, not even a barbecue for our own two selves. I might be able to suggest it in a way that Hick will come up with the idea...

  5. Most likely canning. Hubby worked today and might Monday as Amish don't do the "holidays" like we do. Mother in law offered to come help can. Fever has broke. I'm being careful to not trigger any flare ups as Daddy's side family reunion is next Sunday.

  6. You are one busy girl!!! Crazy that the "key" (key fob) to start your car is now considered an accessory. They need to get with the times!

  7. I had four days off and have gotten so much done around here. I'm a very happy camper.

    1. Well As I look around this mess I left I have to say I am very jealous.