Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday, Today I will....

     For all my lazy ways, I did finally complete another chart yesterday.  That has maybe spurred me to make better choices with my time.  So did I get anything else done after the babies left at noon?  No but I did get in a really good nap after the shop calmed down about 2:30. So much work came in the last two days, but mostly hems which are so fast and easy.

    I made two large yummy pizzas last night so we can eat on these for the next day or so.  I have to take a meal into a sick family today and find someone to take a meal in for the next two days.  So that is the first thing on my list to get done. I also will make scones for choir practice tomorrow.

     Lil sis is out of town so I have to go over and feed her cats and I will take a load to her dryer. I can do that about supper time, in the mean time let's get something done today. ( I am telling myself this.)

   Here I have a free Saturday one of the few I will have until Christmas and I am going to make the most of it.  ( yes trying to convince myself)

     Things on my mind to do today.....
1.Get dressed ( yes this is a major accomplishment for Kim, don't judge)
2. get info on family that needs a meal
3. post about family on church facebook web site
4.get meal ready for family ( frozen lasagna, make a salad, pick up french bread, scones for desert)
5. Make a triple batch of scones
6. call about getting dryer removed ( there is a service that will do this for free)
7. clean and organize the shop
8. clean the family room
9. pay the rest of the bills
10. pack at least 10 boxes from upstairs (pictures, knick knacks etc.)
11. Clean out large closet in shop
12.Clean out furnace room in shop
13. clean out under the stairs closet in shop

     Let's see what Kim can get done today shall we?  Don't hold your breath.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I love the fact that you have SLOWED a bit for you! You're slow down is more than most of do in day - but happy your pace is down a bit. Enjoy your Saturday!

    1. You know it is kind of nice, now if I could get over the guilt.

  2. Your list is commendable. Today for me is studying and working on a group project.

    1. Your list is much bigger and more important than mine, now get to work.

  3. Getting dressed is a big deal!

  4. I am proud that I can accomplish ONE thing on your list, anyway.

    1. I hope you got dressed before you went for your magic elixir, and penny hunting adventures.

  5. I love lasagna. Please bring me some. I am hungry and cold.

    Now that I have some Gingher scissors, hopefully, I can sew some since I have lost about 24 pounds. I bought clothes and then lost weight!!! Rats!

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