Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thursday, I really must sew today

     I have not put a good sewing day into the shop now in three weeks and today must be the day as there are police uniforms that need to go out, no excuses.  Also some curtains that need hemmed and a cushion to cover.  I have been so lax in getting any sewing done.  I guess the pressure is off and I don't want it to turn back on.

     Yesterday was busy with kids and cooking. I did up three nice sized pans of chicken enchiladas, plus Mexican rice. We will have leftovers for dinner tonight.

     Hubs is tip toeing around me as he should.  I have no idea what I am going to pack or do today as I cannot seem to make myself make any plans.  I am just afraid they will be negated.  I'm a little fragile right now.

     I just keep looking around and saying to myself, that needs to go to storage.  I make plans in my head of how I am going to clean out and downsize things.  So far everything is in  my head.  Maybe after I get the sewing done I can motivate myself to pack something.

     We did go to one U-haul place for a picture box and they were out so perhaps we will go do that today and get a storage unit.  That will be a step in the right direction. Just getting things off the walls shows how much this place needs to be painted. I did donate a larger body form I never use to good will the other day.  It was given to me about 5 years ago and I have never used it.  I have just moved it around the shop over and over.  Why do we keep stuff we don't use?

     I did my roots last night, Cancun was hard on my hair, the sun and wind did it no favors.  But boy was the sun lovely.  I just think about how much fun I had there.  It was so beautiful and relaxing.

     Let's see what I can get done today, once I get out of my jammies and get moving.

1. dress :)
2. make up /hair (the few strands I did not pull out)
3. picture boxes
4. storage unit
5. sew cushion
6. sew two pairs jeans
7. alter two police shirts
8. alter two sheriff shirts
9. hem curtains
10. get a pile of mending done
11. let out a pair of pants
12. drop pockets on a pair of pants.
13. clean out closets in shop/yikes  what could be lurking there?
14. wrap some Christmas presents.
15. check with homeowners about offsite storage
16. pay water bill

Stay tuned, I may just go back to bed.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

I am in a negative mood.



  1. I need to get picture boxes for everything that came off my walls. Planning goes a long way if you start with one thing picked up or packed. Good luck on all this. Keep him frightened.

  2. Negative? Really, sounds more like you are trying to slide into retirement and not sure you want to LOL

  3. Great job today! I hope your mood turns positive.