Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday, I am getting so much done, so why?

     I really worked hard yesterday, so why does my basement look like a disaster?  I was up early yesterday to get ready to go to the Harley store, where I wasted my time as I had no business.  I had promised them I would be there, but this is the last time I will go.  One thing I did do was  take Christmas material with me and get 5 aprons cut out for my sister. I also got to have a nice long chat with her uninterrupted.  But I had Hubs pick me up early as I was not going to sit there with so much to do at home. The one thing that I can say positive about getting all the things together to go down to the Harley place is that I tore apart my huge shop closet, find something and I was forced to pack up the machine and tear up the shop a little.  This gave me the incentive to start cleaning out the monstrous place.

     I did paint for about two hours after I got home and then switched to cleaning in the shop.  Every drawer and nook is cleaned out and I am ready to take things to the storage unit.  I still have cleaning to do in there, but the clean out is done.  I have over filled the trash can so Hubs and I will have to make a dump run and I also want to do a storage unit run.  Then stop at another carpet place as the one I like to use (cheaper) was closed yesterday so we stopped by a more expensive one yesterday.

     I think I spent about 5 hours cleaning out things in the shop and there are so many empty drawers in there now.  Yippee!  I have to go and get some smaller containers as my old button box that was my grandmothers is disintegrating. Plus there are a few things I need to get just smaller containers to keep track of things.  Just trying to make things easier for myself.  Can you imagine that?

     I just want you all to know I am so proud of me.  I feel  like I am back.  Today I want to accomplish a few things.

1. get dressed/fix myself up a bit even though I will be putting on paint clothes;)
2. Run to Georgia carpet works.
3.get fireplace painted
4. go to the dump
3. go get a few containers
4. Paint for at least 2-2 hour stints
5. patch a pile of pants that are sitting in the middle of the shop floor
6. finish cleaning the shop

     We will see what I can get done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. you numbered weird LOL...Paint fumes? have a good day, do not over do it

  2. Heh, heh! I am happy to hear that you are so proud of you. Well done.

  3. That is so wonderful, Kim. Kudos to you on working so hard to get it all cleaned out.

    1. It is amazing how much stuff I keep that I think I am going to need.

  4. Yay, that is great. Glad you got so much done.
    I got the bathroom done and all back together today! Yay me!!
    Like you, now on to other projects.
    Have a great Sunday

    1. Wow, good for you. I swear every room in this house needs to be painted, it is crazy.

  5. Looks like you pretty much wiped out your list! Great job!

  6. Wow you are one go getter lady. I wish I could get my Christmas done. I do a little everyday but still have the tree to put up. Need to find some desire somewhere to get it done.