Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Aghhh! Grocery prices!

I went out to get a few groceries last night.  The last time I really grocery shopped was before Easter, and then I was buying for Easter dinner so I didn't really concentrate on prices.  But last night I purchased the things I regularly do and everything was at least 1 to 2 dollars higher.  I had to spend about $20.00 more and I got very little.  Scary.  The garden will not produce for at least 6 weeks.  I guess we all go on diets?  You can only do so much in this category on the budget.  It is like gas prices, which fuel the food prices you just have to suck it up and adjust.  But boy does it frustrate me.  I already make almost everything from scratch, I only buy loss leaders and basics.  I just have to be more diligent. But I am not sure if I can.

Out My Window:

It is going to be a beautiful day today!  The rock wall behind our deck is in full bloom and it is so pretty.  Lavender,white and pink mounds of color entwined with Ivy.  It is the height of spring here I just wish it were warmer.

     I did not get much done in the shop yesterday, so I really need to concentrate today.  B's Dress is almost done and it is so cute!  She is tall and skinny with a big chest.  Now how did that happen?  I am short and flat or at least I was at her age.  We went out last night a purchased some gold metallic nail polish for her to match her dress.
      I did get all the recital spread sheets done.  Who owes what?  We really have to stay on parents with fees.  Many people will try to not pay their tuition and fees.  When we first went into business I was too shy to approach people but now I am adamant, you don't have your fees paid, your child does not participate.  I am not a charity.  Now I am also not mean.  I have had parents that have shown up after totaling their car, or fathers that need heart transplants, or have cancer.  I forgive tuition on the spot and scholarship a fair amount of the underprivileged, but many parents with a lot more money that I have will just not pay their bills.  I have found that the wealthiest clients have the least amount of cash flow.  What does this tell us?  THEY ARE IN DEBT!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I went today to the grocery store...even with coupons i was scared. The prices are going up and up!

  2. And it is not getting any better either!

  3. Groceries are my toughest challenge. I did a menu plan one week but not the next. Gasoline sucked up about $180 last month alone. I agree, its a reality we just have to live with until they make hybrids affordable for the rest of us.


  4. I know what you prices here are insane! Even at Walmart tomotoes were $3 a pound! Not too long ago we could find tomatoes for under $1 a pound. Then there is gas and milk seems like everything is going up!