Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday A Mother Rant!

     We worked so hard yesterday.  The weather was beautiful.  Was shocked at prices for garden supplies.  I guess I have ignored the flower market because it was so cold and wet.  We got such a good bargain on bark and garden plants did not seem that different.  But flowers were outrageous.  I really cut back on how much I put in each flower box.  I told H next year I will do seed starts for annuals.  I have all the equipment, I am just lazy.  Anyway I have all of the planting done except for 6 boxes around the fire pit.  I will look today, I still have gift certificate to a nursery and I will need  least one flat to fill these boxes.  Then I am done.  Still have a few things to put in garden, but I already have these.  So nice to finally be done.  Weed company came and sprayed yesterday. (trade from a dance parent)

Out My Window:

     Cold, overcast and rainy, but the flower boxes look beautiful, and the yard looks great!  We bought a small kiddie pool for the ducks.  They hate it!  But love the pond.  They are so funny out in this little pond.  Like they have a club house!

     We mixed our own potting soil this year.  I always buy 10 bags of really cheap,$1.50 potting soil from Wal-mart.  Well this year no one carried it,  Just the expensive $4-6.00 a bag mixes.  Soil is heavy and so expensive to truck.  So we bought per lite, and a small square of peat moss, took soil from the garden and chicken manure and mixed our own.  It cost us $12.00.  Really was not that much work.  We just did a wheel barrow at a time.  Actually almost easier than lifting and opening all those bags.

     Daughter # 2 is moving home and I am not happy about it but what can I do?  She has no job yet and no prospects, still has boards to pass.  She was supposed to get a storage unit and start packing up her place she has had for three years.  She has been nagging me all week.  Well, I have has nothing to do as you all know.  I kept asking her what she had done?  Do you have a storage unit? Have you gotten boxes?  What have you done to help yourself?  Mumble, complain, gripe, life is unfair, I'm busy, I have tests, I have clinic, blah, blah, blah.  Yes we know but what have you done?  So yesterday she has a melt down while we are planting the garden.  You always moved J (oldest)  you moved her 4 times.  Yes, but she packed herself up and was ready with a plan.  Anyway to make a long story short, we went over to her place.  It was a wreck and she had not even started, she had no unit, no boxes, (her roommate had brought boxes or we would have had nothing to pack with).
      I was angry, she was angry (thought we were so unfair)  Half of her big stuff is in a boyfriends parents unit and the rest in our garage!  Fun.  I will go over today after I get my sewing caught up and get a car full of clothes.  She has to keep everything except what she is actually using in the garage.  Because she has so much stuff she will not go through and get rid of and the guest room is not that big.  She has to keep the guest room and bath clean and she cannot with all of her CRAP.  There I said it. Now she takes her final boards this weekend around the big party.  So how will I get this done and clean the garage out?  Well I will have to do it myself, which was her plan all along.

     I feel like a wicked witch, but this one although a hard worker and a good partner takes advantage of me in all ways.  Emotionally, financially, physically and I am tired of it.  She will never grow up until it is hard.  I had hoped that we had instilled better judgment in her but she seems to think that the world will send someone to rescue her if she just stalls long enough. While we were packing she got a call from her job.  Could she go in and work a 13 hour shift at time an a half.  The shift was last night, when we could have been packing.  Which means she goes to the clinic all day today with no sleep.  Then she plans on coming home at 4 p.m. and packing her kitchen and cleaning.  Yeah like that is going to happen.  But she needs the money so bad!  Why? Because mommy and daddy have cut her off.  I think we will be harder on the third one. She has watched all of this drama unfold.  Now will she be just like her older sister or learn from this mess? 

Can you see why I am in debt?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. We all learn from our mistakes, but I understand your point of view. Things will work out in the end.

  2. So it's cold in Idaho is it? It got up to 32c here today (90+F) so I'll send a warm breeze your way. Man, do I identify with how you're feeling. My daughter is almost 21 and just can't do anything for herself. I'm afraid she'll never move out because she's so used to me doing everything for her. To her credit she's working 2 jobs for the summer plus taking one university course during intercession - the rest of the time she messes up the house and parties with her friends. I guess I'm ready for her to leave the nest :)!

  3. I have had mine return home too and it was really hard. As much as I love her (and her husband) it drove me crazy because they live so differently than I do. I am guilty of doing too much for my children too. We are good moms with big hearts:)

  4. Thanks girls, got the little heathen moved out of her apt.about 9:30 last night. I am so behind in the shop people are ready to kill me. So must hurry to catch up. Her CRAP is every where. She insisted she will organize and put it all away next week. Well great because her graduation party and her sisters is this weekend. I mean in 2 days. Company coming, never mind I like my house to look like a disorganized zoo!