Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Endless list

     I have an endless list of last minute recital to dos.  I cross stuff off but then have to add.  I will be doing this until the show closes.  I just keep plugging along.  Painting set, pulling costumes, finding props, rehearsing.   A great deal of work came into the shop yesterday, so that is going to keep me busy today along with my LIST.  Dance recitals, like debt are never ending, but eventually if you work hard the list is done and the show goes on.  The debt is paid and you are so relieved!

Out My Window:
     It is actually Sunny and clear, but very cold!  I am shivering.  It poured rain all day yesterday and husband had to go clean all of the gutters, as house was taking on water in the garage! Hopefully it will warm up today. Brrrrr!

    So let's finish the car saga:

     Daughter and I go out to run errands.  She pulls into Subaru dealership and all the salesmen see me and run.  I have been haunting this place for 8 months.  Arguing for better prices, general haggling and such, but I will not purchase a car.  I want what I want for the price that I want.  We walk the lot.  No Subaru Foresters with a stick shift ( these get about 10 miles more per gallon).  Finally D#1 goes into a salesman and asks if there are any gently used Foresters with stick on the lot.  He finds one it is a 20110 with 11,000 miles.  Yes we will look at it but I will not pay the price.  Daughter says "Just look at it."  Salesman goes looking for the car, he cannot find it.  So he calls the front desk as the car is a loaner.  A certain regional sales manager has checked out the car.  ( Yes these cars are used to drive between dealerships)  So salesman gets a hold of regional manager to find out where car is.  His face on the phone was so funny. Oh!, Oh, oh, phone closes and silence.  "Well where is the car, I want to see it",  Salesman says that the Regional Manager just brought it back last night and it is in the back yard. Again I ask to see the car.  He replies, "It's worse than that".
     This manager was trying to avoid a large truck pulling in so he turned sharp and backed up taking out the side panel of the Subaru and a bumper of a Chevy.  Both cars were in the back waiting for insurance.
Daughter asks if we can see the car.  So the salesman takes us to see it.  Damage is cosmetic.  Daughter starts to quote legal codes on cars that are previously damaged.  She has me offer a price $2000.00 less than they want.  Salesman vacillates,again daughter brings up point that the car is damaged and can no longer be sold under new title.
     We got the car!  The one I want!  For the price I want!  I have waited 8 months for this and will now wait another week while it is fixed. (Yes, they have to fix it) I will no longer have to borrow a car, stay home, worry, get locked out constantly.  Needless to say Martha has been listed in the paper.  She is going to a new home!

     I am proud of myself.  Because before really trying to get out of debt I would have totaled my car, taken the check.  Financed a new car, spent the check and been even deeper and more stressed.  I waited.  I drove an old beater and ignored my friends and family.  I sacrificed and it was hard and frustrating.  But in that 8 months, I have paid off over a thousand dollars a month in debt.  I have saved enough emergency money to cover 2 months of household expenses.  We are in  much better financial shape than we were 8 months ago.  I do not like taking on new debt, but I did.  I will be fine.  I still plan on keeping my nose to the grindstone.  I will have this car paid off in less than 2 years.  Stick with me and watch! 

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Fantastic! I am in awe of what you are able to get accomplished every day. You deserve to have the car that you want. The Forrester is the bomb! I want a 5-speed myself but the kids are convinced they could never learn to drive one. I'm thrilled for you!


  2. Awesome! I really like the Subarus. I didn't know that the cars with standard transmissions get that much better gas mileage. That's a huge difference. Good for you for standing your ground.

  3. Good for you!!!!
    I love the Subie's too. It is in the running to be my next car. I like 5 speeds and drive that now. Big difference on gas, especially city driving.
    $2000 is a good saving. And only 2 years of payments on a next to new car is really good too.
    Well done - be proud!

  4. well done on the car! sounds like you are a really good negotiator which is a great skill to have.

  5. That is great!!!!!! Thank goodness you stopped that day. Now could your daughter find me a murano with low milage that I am willing to pay for...LOL...

    congrats on your car. Drive it in happiness and Peacce