Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, the tread mill of life.

     Yes, the last Prom dress bit the dust yesterday.  You would think I would be rolling in money but I am not.  Why you ask?  Because I have a daughter going to said prom.  I am trying to enjoy the moment, as this is the last one but boy are these things expensive.  Oh she also needed gas money and lunch money, and Husbands car needed gas.  I love the tread mill of life.  Money in, money out.  Only at this house it has been money out, money out, money out!  So frustrated.

Out My Window:

 Cloudy and cold.  I did take a huge trash bag out front and cleared about 20 feet of flower bed.  I only have 200 more feet to go.  I won't get any more done today so the neighbors will just have to look at the weeds.  I decided to try to do a little everyday.  Even if it is ten minutes.  At least if the beds are cleaned out it will look better. I will not be able to plant until after the show.  I have been feeling so guilty about not planting, but now I remember when I taught for the University I would not plant or clean the front until after their big spring show so I usually did not plant until late May. (Light bulb moment)  I am going to quit stressing about this.  Yes, I would have loved to have gotten it done earlier but the weather did not permit and I frankly have been too busy.

     I need to get to the store today and get supplies for recital.  I need to knockout 5 sets of Bunny ears, 9 sets of squirrels tails and ears, 18 floral arches, and 13 thorn costumes  ( the thorn costumes have me stumped)  I also have a pile of alterations to get done.  So I had better get cracking.  I will be going into
overdrive soon on this next be production. ( head is hitting keyboard) Pray for me.

 Planet Debt Free, Thanks for the love!  I am blushing.
      When I get done with this show I am going to post my debt's and goals, and maybe a little history.  Stay tuned my miserable, unorganized, chaotic financial life, will always seem more glamorous than yours because welly yours seems much more glamorous than mine.  Which is why this system works. :)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am going to try ten minutes a day outside too (though it keeps raining). When your whirlwind slows, please post some pictures of your dresses and costumes. You are so busy, I hope you are taking some time for yourself too! Sending love your way...