Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, learning to love my Mailbox

If you have ever had a problem with debt you will not have a good relationship with your mail box.  It will be a scary adventure every time you go near it.  You might even pick up your mail but never open it.  I am and was guilty of all of those things. But once you get your debt under control.  (this means you stop debting) and you have a plan, that mail box takes on less of a demonic presence in your life.  You know that you will get certain bills, you can plan for these.  They usually don't change a great deal.  You also will get your CC statements and other bills.  But once you quit using them the balances go down!  You can actually look forward to them and see what progress you made  We all get good news in our mail box.  But we don't see the joy in the Birthday Card or post card from a traveling friend because we know we have to open the dreaded bills.

I just realized this past month of April that I like going to the mail box!  I actually rec'd two thank you notes and two surprise checks!  One was for over $2400.00 on an old written off contract.  My mail box brings me Joy.  Yes it also brings me bills.  But I am not going deeper into debt.  I am getting out, and I know what my average power bill will be.  My husband always says "No body likes surprises", and he is right.  But we all like a nice surprise!  Make the mail box your friend, you will be so much happier.

Out My Window:

It is cold and dreary again, the wind is blowing.  This weather is irritating everyone. But soon it will be Spring ( I mean Summer) spring never came.  Now everything bloomed and it is beautiful but it is miserable outside!

Busy day, have to take a contract in to high school.  I have to finish two dresses that I have major alteration issues.  Need to finish B's dress.  S is gone taking exams so I must teach her classes later tonight.  I also need to make a huge deposit to the studio.  I had better get busy.

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  1. I enjoy reading you every day. You are such a joy! Wow on the $2400!