Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday last day to teach in the term!

  I have been out in the yard for the last two hours and I just realized I have a lunch date with a County Commissioner and I haven't written in my blog!  See what good weather does to me!  I lose all sense of control and roll around in dirt.  So into the shower and off to do a list of errands.  Need to license the car today and pick up announcements.  Go to the bank take a check to the Community Action Food Bank and finish editing a paper for daughter.  I thought I was done with papers.  But NO here is the last one I hope!

Out My Window:  Beautiful, wet, sunny, wet, cloudy, wet.  But workable!  I have weeded now for a total of 8 hours over the last two days.  I did get a few plants last night.  But many of the Nurseries have had to throw out so much do to rot.  So we will be planting even later.

I am so backward on this graduation thing.  I need to sit down and make out a menu and do it with the loss leader page for Memorial Day. Lots of good specials on holiday meals.  I am going to plan menus for next weekend and the party and buy while stuff is low.  I am only going to purchase a sheet cake.   Everything else from scratch.  So I need to get busy.   I will go to the studio at 3 today and watch the video of Sleeping Beauty with our students.  It was a great production, those kids should be so proud of themselves.  But I have great students so they make that part of my job easy!

Have a Great and Productive Day!


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  1. What are you planting this year? I'm glad you got some of what you wanted done today. I was writing a post ten minutes before DC's graduation and had to throw on a dress and get out the door. Birds of a feather...