Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday too tired to think

     Okay I have been working too hard.  I am tired and getting a bad cold!  Several of our dancers have had a nasty cold.  I have been handing out hand wipes and disinfecting the bars several times a day, but we have spent so much time on Pas de Duex (two people usually boy and girl) which requires so much hands on touching to teach these dancers how and where to hold each other.  Cody our Prince started the cold.  Every advanced dancer has had it!  Now me.  Crap!  We were able to finish the death of Malifecent last night.  I am wiped out.

Out My Window:  

It is beautiful and sunny!  It is supposed to be 80 degrees today, I can't wait.  I feel like my bones are cold.  I am going to go across the street to a big lilac hedge and pick a couple of big bouquets.

I paid all of the costume bills yesterday.  Took in more sewing that I have to get done today, if I can get rid of the chills.One of our dance mom's came over an picked up several costumes pieces that she will finish.  What a blessing.

I have a family that I have dealt with for years one of their older daughters was my older daughters age.  These people danced with us at the University.  They never paid their tuition, always behind, always excuses, but the mother was vary artsy and talented, however she did have a problem with delivery (she  took on projects and then did not get them done)  not good when the director is waiting.  I observed this behavior and I found it irritating but I was always confused as the husband worked at the highest paying place in our area.  We were making $21,000.00 a year.
     Well to make a long story short when we opened our studio here comes this family.  All of the daughters are grown but the one daughter has a little girls.  She starts with us.  Grandma is paying.  Well of course no tuition, we are constantly on them.  I know they expect me to give them a scholarship because they are so helpful.  But many parents are helpful and they don't expect reimbursement.
   We have just refused to let these people take advantage of us.  We can't, dance studios are not money makers.  If you are running them correctly or are trying to produce professionals you have a hard time making money.  We have a very strict policy that costumes do not go out until all dues and fees are paid.  So here comes the daughter she wants the costumes, I told her she had to pay back tuition and fees.  Well my mom said she talked to you.  Yes, but not about money.  You owe XX amount.  So she goes to my daughter to try and get the costumes ( we were ahead of her) and daughter sends her back to me.  Then she comes back and tells us that her mom can pay this next Thursday.  Fine you can have your costume at dress rehearsal.  I kept the costumes.
     I also asked her in a nice way why she didn't pay her own tuition as this was always a problem with her mother.  Well she didn't work and she stayed home with the kids and they could not afford dance lessons.  So I told her again very nicely, that lessons were $40.00 a month and she needed to find a way to earn at least that much as her kids would get older and more expensive, they would want to do things.  She took it well.  But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
     You have to WORK no one is going to feel sorry for you or appreciate you so much that they gift you hundreds of dollars in tuition.  I learned this late in life, but I will tell you work will always lead you out.

Am I wrong in this assessment?  I am so tired of being taken advantage of!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. No, you are not wrong. Good for you for standing up for yourself.

  2. Good for you! You are correct in what you did. That must get frustrating for you when people just want to get it for free.

  3. As a recovering sap/patsy, I fully support you in asserting yourself! Very good! Now take care of yourself gosh darn it! The next thing you know you'll be in bed unable to do a thing. You know that chills don't come with a common cold, dear.