Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday I survived the melt downs

    I feel like this is my first free day in months.  I am going to go outside a work as long as it is not raining.  I do have a lot of sewing to do but I will see about that later.  Both of the girls had melt downs last night.  One over a paper, (which I stayed up late to edit) and the other about dental patients.  So husband and I also stuffed all announcements and husband went to Post Office at 11 o'clock to get them on the last truck out.  Now Daughter #2 wants help moving out out of her apartment, she also has a past due bill at the clinic for $305.00.  Daughter # 3 has finals all next week.  So I cannot get done what I want this weekend as I will be helping these two little hormonal nitwits.

     Do you ever feel like you just get more and more behind?

Out My Window:   Beautiful, Sunny, Cold.  But the back yard is weeded and I am onto the side of the house.  I need to mix up some weed spray and get some spraying done before I lay bark.  If all goes well I will be able to plant this weekend.

     I need to get husbands truck as I have a huge amount of yard trash to take to the dump.  I wish my hands and arms were stronger.  I am losing so much ground in my upper body do to arthritis.  But I will keep doing as much as I can as long as I can.  But this so frustrates me when I try to do yard work.  It just takes me so much longer any more to get things done.   Now I know why my grandmothers favorite saying was slow and steady wins the race!

I started to get groceries for the big to-do next week.  I purchased ground, beef and chicken breasts and soda on sale.  Name brand soda is $2.00 a 12 pack with a coupon.  You can only get 4 at a time.  But I keep going back!  I will get corn on the cob and beans to day on sale.  I'm off to see the Wizard.  I hope he is in the back yard?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hope you can get some time for yourself this weekend. It does sound exhausting though.

  2. Having girls is exhausting isn't it? I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for you! Once the graduation business is over you can slow down a bit (I hope!).



  3. I am thankful that my daughter is in french at university because I can't help her with that! However, she's taking Canadian history this summer and has already asked me for topic ideas for her essay, oh oh!