Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday not where I want to be, but blessed!

     Well laid plans!  I thought I could get in the yard yesterday, but I had an emergency Bridesmaid dress alteration.  Bridesmaid flying to Hawaii today and she is pregnant with triplets!  Yes at 13 weeks when most of us barely show she is huge!  So had to gusset the dress with fabric I took off the hem.  Then had another mother of the bride, and a bridesmaid and a wedding dress come in that had to go out today. Needless to say I only got the garden area tilled.  I did do a final deposit on the studio.  I am not sure yet if I will be able to pay off Mom.  I am waiting.  Maybe in June?  I don't want to jump the gun as I don't want to go backwards.  I have done that so many times before.  Paid too much off at once and then went right back into debt?  Do any of you do this? Or have you done this?

Out My Window:

Cold, rainy, yucky, muddy.  But the mist and fog coming over the mountains was really pretty this morning.

I will have to stay in the shop this morning and this afternoon I will go down to the studio and clean up the Sleeping Beauty mess we left Saturday night.  Students will start coming at 3 to watch the video of the performance.  So this day is shot as far as working in the yard is concerned.  Darn!

I did have a nice surprise yesterday.  I had a check come in for $50.00 from a gift card that was stolen with my wallet a few months ago.  The giver knew about the wallet and put a stop on the card so it could not be used and then sent me the value.  Nice!.  Then our videographer came over with over $100.00 worth of checks made out to me instead of him.  Parents can't read!  He wanted me to have them.  He told me had had made more on this show than all of his others combined, so he felt I should have part of the proceeds.  We do not take any part in our photographer or videographer profits like a lot of companies do.  I figure if they come in and do a good job, don't bother me and take care of them selves they deserve all the money.  So three times a year they make bank from our studio.

I have $150.00 extra dollars.  I put it away for the girls graduation party on the 4th of June.  We will have lots of family and friends here.  So I budgeted $500.00 for food and gifts.  I have almost $300.00 saved.  I guess I need to quit complaining about all the work coming in to keep me out of the yard.

Also Daughter #2 passed her major written exam in Dental Hygiene!  Highest score in her class!  Yeah, now only two more exams to go.  Such blessings!

Have a great and productive day!


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