Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, It's over!

   Well, I was not taken up in the rapture yesterday, but I do feel like a thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders.  The show went amazingly well, considering the disastrous dress rehearsal.  We had a costume, cue screw up in the first show, due to costumes not being ready at dress rehearsal ( mom's had not finished them) and these kids did not realize how long it would take them to change between acts.  They had it figured out the second show.  But you cannot tell them the importance of a dress rehearsal until they actually see what not following the rules will do.  So it was a good lesson learned.  The second show was a huge success.  Actually both were very good.  The houses were good.  I should be able after expenses be able to donate at least $500.00 to the community food bank.  I am just so glad it is over.

Out My Window:
     It is overcast, rainy but at least it is warm.  I have so much yard work to do and I can't wait to get outside!

     I had a nice short visit with my Aunt and Mom.  They really liked the show, they thought it was the best one ever!  But they always say that.  I was able to pick up my newer car yesterday between shows.  Now I have to get my old bomb sold!  Will list it in the paper and on craigslist.  I hope to have enough after the books are balanced to pay off another big loan.  I should know with in the week.  But I have to get the old car sold before I can pay off this debt.  This will leave me with the two CC's and the business line of credit.  So actually a little less than $20,000.00.  Ugh!  I say that like it is nothing. But I will keep trying to reach the goal of having these paid by the New Year.  I just really have to keep my nose to the grindstone now.
     Summers can be hard as we do not have regular tuition coming in and we still have bills.  I sew a great deal more in the summer but we have also taken on the majority of our studio debt in the summer do to lack of income.  I will be diligent that this does not happen this year.  Last summer I lived very frugally and was able to pay all the bills, but it was very hard.  I made no head way on the debt.  I don't care if I just pay the minimums the next three months but I don't want to incur any NEW debt.   I know that everything is paid for May.  I will worry about June when it gets here. 

     Thank you all my blogging pals for keeping me honest and listening to my yammering.  It really helps.  I know this is silly but I feel like I have a whole bunch of  angel/sisters that are right over my shoulder saying, you can do this.

Have a wonderful and restful Sabbath!



  1. I know you are relieved to have the recital sounds like it was a fabulous time. You are doing an incredible job navigating your life every day. I get a ton of daily resolve from you!

    Hugs, Rita

  2. Glad to hear the show went well. Now you can relax a bit and take some time to enjoy the coming summer. You're doing great with accomplishing your goals!

  3. And breath... :)

    Glad to hear all went well.

  4. yes you can do this! and I enjoy reading your 'yammering' :)
    glad the recital went well

  5. Congrats! And I think summer is the easiest time to find free stuff to do. Good luck!