Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, Okay let's get organized!

      I was able to finish most of our choreography last night, so that is good.  All the numbers need to be polished but we still have several hours of rehearsal time left.  I did get a great idea for a Thorn costume from one of my dancers, that should be easy, inexpensive and a snap to switch out of, so that is a relief.  I will contact the designer today to get that done.  I went to the theater to get some measurements and realized that we are going to have to knock together a platform, so I must meet with set designer.
     I was able to purchase everything to make 18 flower arches for under $100.00 dollars.  I had a dad cut them and I will have Moms that are sitting around put them together tomorrow during an all day rehearsal!  If parents want to watch they can at least be of use.  This is my motto at the studio.  Be of Use!  It also gets rid of a lot of trouble makers very quickly.
       A couple of mom's offered to redo the back windows that get full on sun.  I always wanted to use this for storage but I need to get up some kind of curtain.  They agreed to clean them out and do this.  Yeah!  I have been thinking about this for 5 years.  Keeping the front windows done that face Main Street is a full time job.  I am so grateful for the help.

Out My Window:

     Cloudy and Cold?, maybe warmer.  But what do I see?  Someone has weeded the 70 foot flower bed and it looks great!  Someone also started on the 100 foot white rock bed.  I hope they continue!  I am taking the warming light out of the coop today.  Everyone has full feathers and the little ones can burrow under the ducks. 

     Well I have tons of book work and deposits to get done.  Also studio bills to pay and May's budget to set up.  Police uniforms that are past due! I need to finish a pile of alterations for a client.  My house is scary messy in some spots.
     I am so tired.  Complain, Whine, Sniff.  Okay I am over that, thank goodness!  Too much to do to be cranky.    So no Boo Hooing.  But maybe if I took in enough money from parents I can pay off costume charges!  Then we can look at the debt!  So  off to work I go.  See this is what keeps me motivated.

    Hold on if I wasn't in debt would I just sit around eating bon bons?  A question to ponder?  Hmmm... 

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Kim, I'm exhausted reading your post. You certainly are a busy lady!!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend with some beautiful, warm weather!

  2. You are fabulous dear:) Find some time for yourself this weekend!