Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, No Time to Think

     Still doing laundry from the grandson, we all came home from church early to get Oldest packed up and all the laundry sorted. I am very tired.  Pinning Ceremony for our graduate is this afternoon. I need a nap!

Out My Window:

     Seven years ago I planted 6 -1 gallon Bridelswreath Spirea along an old ugly fence that separates us from our neighbors.  Spirea of this kind can get up to 12 feet by 12 feet.  Well this year they completely hide the fence.  It is a huge long mass of white cascading flowers.  So pretty.  Some things are worth the wait.

     Daughter # 1 is a lawyer,  She was born a cranky argumentative baby in pin striped diapers!  (Thank you Grace Adler) She became the youngest prosecuting attorney in Idaho when she graduated in 2006. Needless to say she does not see things as her mother sees them.  She cuts to the chase immediately and calls BS on me.  I don't like it but I  also have to realize she is right.
     I have over ridden my kids, friends and husband about getting a decent car since I totaled mine in September of last year.  But I am on this debt recovery program and I do not want to lose momentum.  I would get eye rolls and grunts of disgust.  I have made significant progress on the debt and I don't want to go backwards.  So I have limping along with a 17 year old Buick with lots of problems.  But it runs!  ( I say this a lot, enter eyes rolling and grunts).  I have power over the younger two daughters to a point and husband is also alittle easier to deal with.  Daughter #1 ot so much.

     She flew in on Thursday evening.  The next morning she asked to look at the financials for my Studio as she needed to update the LLC papers.  After going over the books with me she said Mom as your attourney I want you to get a different car.  Then she proceeded to find the money in the budget to pay for said car without me having to cut back on my debt repayment. Don't you hate it when your kids are smarter than you?

     Here is how she did it.  I have a housekeeper that comes once a week.  She does the bathrooms and the floors.  My hands don't handle scrubbing well with my arthritis.  She said Daughter #2 is moving back home for an un-determined length of stay she has agreed to take over housekeeper duties. Also daughter #3 will leave in August for college there will be only two of us in a big house.  Do I still need a housekeeper? But what if my hands stove up?  We will cross that bridge later.

     Also Husband commutes.  His commute costs $22.00 a day when he drives.  He drives at least 12 days a month.  They would like to add a 4th driver but our truck will only hold three large men with any kind of comfort and it is a long commute.  We also use the truck when he gets home as my old beater is scary.  The new car gets 35 miles to the gallon on the highway, the cost will be about $9.30 a day and we will use the car after he gets home to do our town work and errands.  We have also had to take 3 major trips out of town in the past 6 months using the Truck, now we will have the car.  The savings in gas alone will be over $150.00 a month. If the pool adds another driver even more.  So total this up and you have the car payment!

Needless to say I bought a car.  More to this saga will be posted later!

Have a restful and fulfilling Sabbath!



  1. Well your oldest daughter just has her family's best interest at heart and can see things from a different perspective. Glad to hear you could afford a safer & more cost effective car.

  2. Still don't think I can afford it. I can hardly afford to pay attention. But the car issue has caused us untold strife in the past several months.

  3. Well hopefully it will work out to be affordable. I hope the stress subsides as well. Stress is so difficult. Sending a big hug.