Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Yippee!

     Yippee!  I just looked at the May budget last night and something was wrong.  I was missing something. The list of outgoing bills in our ledger book not counting gas and groceries is usually give or take about $2,800.00.  But this total was $1,865.00.  Where were the bills?  I frantically searched through the bills to pay, no all were listed, went back in the book to look at list and see what I had lost, or misplaced or just plain ignored.  Do you know what I found?  We have paid off over a $1000.00  worth of monthly bills since January.  They are gone!  This is what debt repayment and snowballing eventually does.  It is absolutely amazing.  I sat there dumbfounded.

Out My Window: 
     I do believe I see a streak of sunshine coming through those clouds.  It is still wet, and the lilacs are in bloom.  I want to get out this morning, but I have an emergency to take care of for a client so, I will sadly skip the great outdoors and go down to the dungeon and work.  Did I tell you the sun was shining?  

    I was very busy yesterday gathering supplies for last minute costume extras.  I did go in and help clean up two numbers with my daughter for the show.  I will actually go into the studio every night this next two weeks.  But I really need to get busy on props.
     Set painting will begin tonight.  Met with the set designer at his office yesterday for final drafts.  I had a ton of work come into the shop so I must get crackin,  but I really want to work outside.  Sniff, whine, pout.
       Husband got  called in to sub for the lead violinist in Beauty and the Beast so he will be no help this next two weeks.  He knows the score as he played it less than 5 years ago, but he will have to practice.  I did insist that they pay him travel time and replacement strings.  We don't mind helping out but we will no longer foot the bill on supplies.  See how getting out of debt has made me mean and grasping?  Call me Silas Marner!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That is Great!!!!! Its funny how we get so used to paying those bills that when they are gone we are actually wondering why we have money left.


  2. Good for you! That snowballing has really paid off :)

  3. Just fabulous! I hope you are able to get some gardening time in. I have no idea how you get everything done each day and still have time to write. So proud!


  4. Great job! It's always a pleasant suprise when you realize you have more money than bills instead of the other way around. Congrats!