Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Must get to the bank!

     Rotten cold and I must pay bills today and get to the bank.  Rent is due, mortgage is due, need to pay all the studio bills.   Depressing as all the money that comes in will go right back out!

Out My Window:

Cloudy, cold, rainy.  Yesterday was 80 degrees it was beautiful, but we had a really bad wind storm last night and it poured rain again.  Too wet outside to weed.  But I will try to be grateful for the moisture.  Farmers are happy.

     My oldest daughter is flying into town tonight with my new grandson!  Daughter #2 is graduating from her hygiene program at the college Friday night.  I am so excited.  Just wish I felt better.  The oldest put herself through college and Law School teaching dance, so she can come to our rehearsal on Saturday and critique for us.  This will be nice.   My nose is running, crap!  I have to get busy and get  stuff done financially before I go teach tonight.

Do you ever just want to crawl back in bed and not face the music?

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. Absolutely!I hope there is an ebb in your flow sometime soon! You are a blessing to me too:)