Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, Yikes what happened to Saturday!

    Well here we are in the middle of the Memorial Day Weekend.  We were able to get so much done yesterday.
Here is a list:
Took a big load of yard waste to dump.
Took a second big load of yard waste to dump.
Went to major church cleaning party.
Had Luch.
Took more to the dump.
Bought truckload of bark 4/10.00 a great buy!
Finished Front yard. (with the help of two scouts that needed money for scout camp)
Removed all furniture from deck and prepped it to paint. (also Scouts)
Took hubby to get new work pants and suspenders.
Bought new chicken water and feeder.
Purchased a new gas grill (our had finally died)
Purchased all plants for garden.
Painted 1/2 the deck.

     It was an expensive and eventful day.  I don't believe I will be saving any extra money this month.  Most of the heavy lifting and moving done by the scouts.  One was at house 2.5 hours the other for 1.5 hours.  Cost me $37.50.  But all heavy yard pavers were moved up to storage, all bark unloaded and spread, all furniture moved, all flowers boxes emptied and spread (all 52 of them), heavy junk taken down to truck.  Husband felt spoiled.  My body is trashed from arthritis and he needs both knees replaced so walking up steep hills ( our house lot is on about 4 levels) or climbing in and out of pickup is tough.  We are getting old what can I say.

Out My Window:
     It is sunny so far and quite cold.  Our deck furniture is strewn all over the back yard.  The garden soil is perfectly tilled and black and waiting!

     I do believe my debt reduction plan has gone into cardiac arrest.  I have not used charge cards so that is a positive.  When I am crying in June please remind me about yesterday!  But be kind and realize how tight I have been living since January.  I will not get outside today but plan on spending some major time inside the house.  Laundry, cooking.  Both girls are working, Joel is at the church.  I need to go look at my music.  My hands are really stiff from yard work. Hope I can play well enough today. 

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.



  1. You have left me in the dust! You deserve to have a home that feels good to be have worked very hard for it.

  2. Boy scouts - what a resource!! I had no idea! Well worth the $37.50 you paid them!

  3. Having big events and not going into more debt is a victory! Don't beat yourself up!