Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday I am so Thankful!

     I know that I should not be this happy, but I am just so grateful that this weekend is over!  I have a ton of paper work, but it can wait.  I also have to get into my shop.  I have two brides maids dresses and mother of the bride and and a bridal gown all do out by three.  Then I am going out into my yard!  I hope the weather will co-operate.

Out My Window:

     Beautiful and sunny. Most of the trees are losing their flowers and that is sad.  But the outdoors is calling me.  I want to plant flowers and dig in the dirt!   I really love dirt.

     I am anxious to get my old car sold, I may have to drop the price on it.  But I can't pay off my loan with out the car sold.  So I will decide tonight, after I talk it over with husband.  We only have one family that owes us money at the studio.  But they owe us a lot!  So I am proud of my ability to stay on top of these people.  Last year we came out of the recital with several thousand owed to us and then had to fight to get it! I am learning, but I learn so slow and only when it is painful.

     Stop and think about the people affected by the weather in the mid west.  If you are out of harms way, kiss your loved ones and count your blessings.  No amount of money in the world can replace life.  As we all strive to get out of debt, let us remember that it is only MONEY and money is not life, its just money.

Have a great and productive day!

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  1. I love your last challenging to think this way. Keep moving mountains girl!:)