Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Here again

     So busy yesterday I fell into bed.  Have a long list of items to complete today.  But I can do it!  I need to get my roots done, my nails are a  mess.  Why can't I look descent at a recital?  Why do I always have to look like I just rolled out of bed?  Because I am so busy taking care of everyone elses needs!  That's why.

Out My Window:

It is beautiful and Blue!  We might just get another nice day!  It is getting a little warmer. Still it rained last night and it is cool this morning.  We are having curbing put around the yard to make it easier to mow.  We have lived here for years and have edged bricks but it has to be trimmed.  They are never straight.  One is always over, it looks like a drunk laid them.  Husband will mow but will not trim or fix anything.  So after 12 years of backbreaking labor that kills my hands, I am having curbing put in.  I got a bid and it was within my budget.  I would like to do the whole yard, but am only doing a third of it.  I will do it in chunks so I can pay cash!  I am excited about how it is going to look!

Must run, costumes to finish, props to deal with, program to print, classes to teach, phone calls to make, I am living for Saturday night!  When we can put this puppy (the show) to bed!  Next week I will be in my yard planting flowers. Pray for me the next few days will be stressful.

Have a Great and Productive Day!


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