Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday, My Mother Teresa approach to chickens

Those of you who have been keeping up know I had a sick baby chick.  Well the crud went through the entire flock!  When I went to the house yesterday there lay a stinking mass ball of feathers.  Two ducks and 6 chicks all huddled together and on their way out.  All I could do was wash them.  I figured they are going to die so they might as well die clean.  I took a warm pan of water out and gently washed each animal.  I had to change the water 8 times, they were so gross.  I then put them all together in a big warm bath towel and put then in the empty Jacuzzi tub.  I tented them with a towel and ran a blow dryer on warm air into the tent and left them.  I went back to work on prom dresses and figured in an hour they would be dead.  When I went back they were dry and the ducks were moving.  Two of the chicks could not stand.  I took them back out to the coop, which my husband had scoured with disinfectant and relined with fresh chips.  I put them under the heat lamp.  Well this morning they are all running around like nothing ever happened.  Who knew?  Mother Teresa would always gently bath the dieing and say it is all I can do for them.  They know they are loved and that they are clean.  Well it has to be love to bath a poop covered encrusted chicken, that is all I can say.  Oh by the way  I took two showers yesterday.

Out My Window:
  It is warm and sunny.  The Photinia leaves are bright red and waxy and the Sumac is all in bloom. I know Sumac is a native weed type tree, but I love how the fresh growth looks like deer antlers with the fuzzy fur on the bark.  They grow so strange and it looks great up over the waterfall on my pond.  It smells so good outside.

We are going to dinner at a clients house today so I don't have to cook.  B's dress is almost done I have a couple of hours of hand work left and some beading to do.  Daughter # 2 is  out for 5 days taking another big board exam.  This is the large written exam. Then another smaller one.  Her hands on exam is in June.  She graduates from college in two weeks, then just has to finish passing boards.  It will be so nice when she is finally through and working.  A great deal of stress off Mom!

It is a beautiful May Day, find someone who will chase you and kiss you today!



  1. Kim,
    I LOVe this story! I'm so glad the chicks and ducks survived. And that was a fact I did not know about Mother Teresa, and am so glad I do now.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I am with Sharon, that was a beautiful story. With all that you have going on in your life, you took the time to nurture these babies back to health. Many farmers I know would not have bothered. I hope your family tells you they are lucky to have you every day!