Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday, I'm alive, I think?

 I have no idea what happened to me yesterday,but I didn't like it.  Well I liked the nap that was great.  I had a bride in a 2 so I was up and after her fitting I felt a lot better. Hubs was watching Oliver and I went into the kitchen that was a total mess, and I mean bad.


Wednesday I had such plans and they were all throw a wrench, when an old friend stopped by for a visit.  Which by the way was great, but threw me way behind on what I had planned or even needed to do.

Hubs was out walking the baby, and he came home with her asleep in the middle of our visit.  When she left, I had to dash and pull the one piecrust I had frozen and get that pecan pie in the oven so it would be somewhat cool when the missionaries showed up at 4:00.  After I got it in the oven I hurried and did the dishes.  I did not have time to make more crusts to freeze, or to make banana muffins or bread with Schmills.

Missionaries loved the pie and ate it all thank goodness, Hubs and I were to go out to get a bite to eat, but I got a stomach ache probably from eating rich pie on an empty stomach.  Hubs foraged for dinner and I went to bed early leaving the mess in the kitchen, I felt bad, but oh well.

Back to yesterday:

So yesterday even though I had a good nights sleep, I was just so tired.  I felt terribly guilty sending my Sissie a one line email when usually it is at least a conversation. Then I was going to blog and I just couldn't.

I finally got a spurt of some energy after my nap and went into the disgusting kitchen and filled the sink with hot soapy water and started to soak the pie dishes which were now like hardened contact cement.  While the dishes were soaking, I whipped up two loaves of banana bread and used up the first bag of nuts from the freezer.  Hooray!  Plus the 7 over ripe bananas, that were haunting me on the counter.  This really took less than 10 minutes, I timed myself.  Why do we put things off that haunt us when they are so easy?

This inspired me to quickly throw flour, sugar,salt into a bowl and make up 6 piecrusts, as I had all the makings of a dutch apple pie also out on a counter. I put one crust in a pan and froze the others. Again this took 10 minutes.  But now I really had a mess in my kitchen.  I am a messy cook as I have said before.

Mealy apples that need to be used, I will use the rest in an apple walnut salad.( I actually peeled and sliced the apples while we watched the local news.)

Wrapping those crusts in wax paper and freezing in a large freezer bag, then I can pull one out whenever I want.  So much easier when you think of pie.  Get the hard part over with.

Hubs would be home soon and I hurried and did the dishes and there were a lot of them, I was able to clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher, all I did not get done was wiping down those dang stainless steel appliances(don't even get me started).

Hubs took me to Effie burger last night as we are such high faluetin' folks.( Just ask Slug about the ambience)  Then home to take my pie out.  It is hub's favorite.  I had a piece late in the evening and Hubs just did his cave man thing and dug in.  Why can't men just cut a piece of pie, like a normal person?  Why does it have to look like a grizzly bear cut the pie?

Again I went to bed a little early.  Which was nice as even with the nap I was still about 50%.

Today, I am up an at em. I have been setting the timer every ten minutes to keep myself moving. I have been able to make the beds, get dressed, put on makeup (which for me is always a have to), cleaned off all the kitchen counters again, started my second load of laundry and now I am blogging.

Setting timer now, I am going to go into the kitchen and empty the dishwasher, do up the few dishes that are there,and wipe off all the counters again, wipe off the stove again, finally clean the appliances (crap) sweep the floors throughout the house and then mop the kitchen.  

Well that actually took me 30 minutes, and I tried really hard to not get distracted and start doing other cleaning, which is always a problem for me.  I need Sissie here to kick my butt into new habits and she has not done that for a while.  Anyway the first load of laundry is dry, so  I can go fold that and transfer the other.

I do have 5 pairs of pants to hem today and a wedding dress to finish and one to rip for a fitting on Monday. I need to scare up something for dinner but hubs will be happy with anything as he has pie.

I was complaining to SAM that I have figured out if I want a clean house I really have to do a minimum of one hour of maintenance everyday and that does not include, dinner and dishes and laundry and any extra kind of dusting/vacuuming.  You know something, I just don't want to.  That is my problem.  I don't want to. I want to play on my phone and imagine myself a princess.

Anyone else want to join my princess club? After we have our first meeting we can all go home to our dirty houses and play on our phones. I will even make treats.

I just realized I missed my Thrifty Thursday post. 

Okay, same old, same old. I have saved $160.00 so far in 5's and it all went on the mortgage. 

Used up a big bag of walnuts and I am into a second bag. Used up chicken from freezer. Lots of canned goods, flour and sugar from pantry storage,a bottle of oil, which needs to be watched and rotated.

Had 4 points that I was going to lose on the 31st, finally broke bad and used the $7.00 off for 4 points to buy some ground beef and I put it in the freezer.  But it is the only meat bought this month.

Again we searched for the cheapest gas fining it 40 cents a gallon cheaper in the Orchards.

Okay I have a clean house and I am happy, need to finish the laundry and then get some sewing done.  Perhaps I will get those two plant stands painted and listed this weekend.

We will see. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 





  1. Well it sounds as if you got your second wind!!! My goodness.
    Sounds like a lot accomplished.

    1. I did and I feel good about that. I have just been so out of sorts lately.

  2. Stop feeling guilty. You owe yourself to rest. I am glad you were not getting sick. Sometimes, when out of the blue I feel so awful and tired, I am becoming ill.

  3. If I would just use the time when I log off work until hubs gets home to do a few things, life really would be much easier. But ey, I too want to be a princess. Leave me a spot on the throne.

  4. Sounds like you were a whirlwind once you got your energy back.

    God bless.

    1. Well not really but it was nice to be able to get something done.

  5. So how much of an Effie burger did you eat? That's a high classjoint ya know!lol

    1. I ate a 1/4 and then HUb's ate 1/2 and we took the rest home. It was so yummy.

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  7. I have had makeup on twice in the last two years!

  8. I hope your energy returns soon. Sounds like you got quite a bit done. Enjoy your Saturday!!

  9. Holy guacamole - when you get feeling better you are amazing! You accomplished so much and must be happy with the results. I try to keep things picked up and somewhat organized but I don't always get the corners. And when you have 4 cats, well, there can be "furballs" the size of Texas, if you don't keep some control. Kudos to you. Ranee (MN)

    1. Our cat is large and grey and leaves trails of fur everywhere. Then there is the dog....

  10. I think you just plum wore yourself out my friend! Oh my goodness, you had me drooling at your fancy dining out at Effie's. LOL! That place has been there forever. I remember going to it when I was in college (you know, way back when the dinosaurs still ruled the earth and all). Jeff and I pass by it when we are down in the valley and we always say we should go again. I think we will have to make a point of doing so now. :)

    1. Well that burger was delicious. You need to let my know when you are coming down. I would love to treat you two to an exclusive Effie burger.